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Watch Energy Seccretary Moniz Test Drive the Toyota Mirai 

February, 2015 

The Energy Department posted a video of ‪Secretary Ernest Moniz driving the Toyota Mirai, the first fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) for sale in the United States. Watch the video on FacebookInstagram, or Secretary Moniz's Twitter to see what driving an FCEV looks like.

Watch the video on the U.S. DoE's Facebook page 


Proton OnSite Introduces World's First PEM Megawatt Electrolyzer for the Growing Global Energy Storage Market

January 14, 2015

Proton OnSite, the world leader in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolyzer technology, announced today the commercial launch of the 1 and 2 Megawatt (MW) M Series PEM Hydrogen Generation systems. At the 2 MW level, the new M Series provides a 13x increase in hydrogen production compared to other commercial PEM systems. In combination with greater production capacity, the M Series reduces the capital cost per kW of producing hydrogen by over 50%.

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Annual Revenue from Fuel Cells Systems is Expected to Reach  Nearly $57.8 Billion by 2023, According to Navigant Research

January 13, 2015

A report from Navigant Research provides a global analysis of major developments and trends in the fuel cell industry, including global market forecasts for fuel cell systems, capacity shipped, and system revenue through 2023. Growth in the fuel cell market continues to accelerate, after 2013 and 2014 saw rising demand in portable, transportation, and stationary applications in particular. Stationary applications, which vary widely by country and region, include utility-scale, industrial/commercial building, and residential power fuel cells. 

Learn More at MFRTECH


NACCO Industries buys fuel cell provider

December 31, 2014

Following the acquisition of Nuvera, the NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc. intends to commercialize Nuvera’s research and technology through the rapid integration of this fuel-cell technology across large parts of the NACCO’s lift truck product range. NACCO expects to be able to offer its Hyster and Yale customers an integrated, factory-fitted fuel-cell solution as well as associated hydrogen generation and delivery capability.

Learn More at Materials Management & Distribution

FuelCell Energy Solutions Announces Final Acceptance of Largest Fuel Cell Power Plant Made Operating in Germany

December 12, 2014

FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH announced the final acceptance of its first German-manufactured fuel cell power plant that is installed and operating at Berlin's Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) office complex. This building project, executed on schedule and within budget, illustrates the first large-scale civil engineering project undertaken by the German federal government as part of a public-private partnership.

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New Voucher Program Will Help Manufacturers Lead in Productivity and Technological Innovation

December 8, 2014

Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced a $3.5 million matching grant voucher program as part of the new Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund (CMIF). Governor Malloy introduced the $30 million CMIF during the last legislative session to establish a fund to support the growth of Connecticut manufacturers while creating jobs for residents.

Learn More at The State of Connecticut's website


Volkswagen Ramps up Fuel Cell Development

December 4, 2014

Volkswagen has begun testing a hydrogen fuel cell version of its Passat sedan on the streets of California and has developed a fuel cell model of the Golf SportWagen for research. The automaker showed the Passat HyMotion and Golf SportWagen HyMotion at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November as concept vehicles stating it would produce a fuel-cell powered Golf "as soon as the conditions are right."

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Fuel Cell Market Exceeds $1.3 Billion in Worldwide Sales

December 2, 2014

The market for fuel cells is growing, exceeding $1.3 billion in worldwide sales during 2013, according to a recently released report from the Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO). The 2014 “Business Case for Fuel Cells”  report, written and compiled by Jennifer Gangi and Sandra Curtin of Breakthrough Technologies Institute (BTI) with support from FCTO, provides an overview of fuel cell installations at businesses and municipal buildings or facilities run by non-profit organizations or institutions. These include wastewater treatment plants, government buildings, universities, military bases, hospitals, and other sites.

Learn More at EERE


Morgan Stanley Unveils Fuel-Cell Energy System at its Purchase, NY., Headquarters

November 24, 2014

Morgan Stanley unveiled a new fuel-cell system at the firm’s headquarters in Purchase, N.Y. The fuel-cell system and a solar-panel field, completed earlier this year, are the latest in a series of initiatives to improve the facility’s “energy efficiency and resiliency,” according to the financial-services firm. The new solid-oxide fuel cell system converts fuel into electricity through a highly efficient electrochemical process, resulting in onsite, clean and reliable power.

Learn More at EHS Today


Plug Power moves into ground support equipment market, installing first GenFuel site with outdoor hydrogen dispensers

November 18, 2014

Plug Power Inc. has successfully completed installation of its first GenFuel hydrogen infrastructure for the ground support equipment (GSE) market at the Memphis Airport. This GenFuel infrastructure deployment includes a standard hydrogen storage tank, compression system, fuel pipelines, and Plug Power’s first outdoor GenFuel hydrogen dispensers that will be used for a 15-truck fleet of airport tuggers powered by Plug Power fuel cells. “Plug Power’s ability to offer customers both indoor and outdoor GenFuel solutions allows us to broaden our reach even further into adjacent markets like ground support equipment,” said Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power. 

Learn More at Plug Power


The Toyota Mirai Brings the Future to your Driveway

November 17, 2014

 The Toyota Mirai is a four-door, mid-size sedan with performance that fully competes with traditional internal combustion engines – but it uses no gasoline and emits nothing but water vapor. The groundbreaking fuel cell electric vehicle is powered by hydrogen, re-fuels in about five minutes, and travels up to 300 miles on a full tank. Mirai will be available to customers in California beginning in fall 2015, with additional markets tracking the expansion of a convenient hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Powered by an industry-leading fuel cell electric drivetrain and supported by an exceptional 360-degree ownership experience, Mirai marks a turning point for consumer expectations for a zero-emission vehicle.

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CT adds 275 clean energy jobs in 3Q

November 11, 2014

Connecticut announced the addition of 275 new clean energy and clean transportation jobs in the third quarter of 2014, ranking the state No. 7 in the U.S. for growth, a new report says. Nationwide, more than 18,000 clean energy and transportation jobs were announced in 23 states during the third quarter, with the majority coming from the manufacturing sector, according to a report by Environmental Entrepreneurs. Nevada, New York, and California announced the largest number of new clean energy jobs (6,556, 3,882, and 2,070, respectively).

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U.S. DOE Launches $1 Million H2 Refuel H-Prize Competition for Small-Scale Hydrogen Refueling System

October 29, 2014

The Energy Department today announced the launch of the $1 million H2 Refuel H-Prize.  This two-year competition challenges America's engineers and entrepreneurs to develop affordable systems for small-scale, non-commercial hydrogen fueling. These projects will continue to deploy hydrogen infrastructure across the country to support more transportation energy options for U.S. consumers, including fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).  Successful entries will install and test systems that generate hydrogen from resources available at most homes, like electricity or natural gas, and provide the hydrogen to fuel vehicles. This competition plans to offer a $1 million cash prize to the team that demonstrates the best system.

Learn More at Energy.gov 

Danbury Fair Goes Green By Adding Fuel Cell To Power The Mall

October 29, 2014

The 750kW fuel cell project will provide the mall with clean, reliable energy while reducing the carbon emissions of the facility by nearly 3 million pounds each year. On Friday, Oct. 24, Danbury Fair will hosted an event with business leaders and community officials to celebrate the milestone. "Danbury Fair is committed to creating long-term value by improving our natural resource efficiency, and operating and developing the center in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner,” said Maura Ruby, senior property manager at Danbury Fair Mall. “Installing clean energy technology at Danbury Fair also aligns with our commitments to our retailers, our partners, the community, and the sustainable plan that Macerich is implementing across the vast portfolio.” 

Learn More at Daily Voice


FuelCell Energy Announces Manufacturing Expansion Project to Reduce Costs and Position for Growth

October 29, 2014

FuelCell Energy, Inc., a global leader in the design, manufacture, operation and service of ultraclean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants, today announced a two stage expansion project to improve manufacturing and logistics efficiencies and position the company for continued global growth. The existing manufacturing facility will be expanded in the first stage and production equipment will be added in the second stage. The State of Connecticut has extended a financial package through the Department of Economic and Community Development for both stages, including $20 million of low interest long-term loans and up to $10 million of tax credits, predicated on certain terms and conditions, including the forgiveness of 50 percent of the loan principal if certain job retention and job creation targets are reached. 

Learn More at CNN


Governor Cuomo Tours Plug Power; Promotes Zero Percent Manufacturing Tax to Support Industrial Operations in the State of NY

October 8, 2014

Plug Power Inc., a leader in providing clean, reliable energy solutions, today welcomed New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to its corporate headquarters in Latham, New York.During this milestone visit, Governor Cuomo toured the manufacturing facility and then told workers and executives of the dramatic positive impact he expects from the recent 0% manufacturing tax for operations in the State of New York. This is positive news for growing companies, like Plug Power, who are competing worldwide.

Learn More at Plug Power


Bridgeport Zeroes In On Solar Project

September 12, 2014

A groundswell of support was shown for Green Energy Park, which is a project that includes putting 9,000 solar panels and a 2.8 MW fuel cell atop an old landfill in Bridgeport, CT. The project has already received approval from the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), as well as Bridgeport’s Parks Commission and City Council. Green Energy Park will create up to 92 jobs. It will bring in $7 million in tax revenue to the city during its 20-year lease. It will produce enough clean energy to power 5,000 homes.

Learn More at Hartford Courant 


Fuel Cell Company Leaves New York to Operate Plant in Mt. Pleasant Township 

September 16, 2014

New York-based company, WATT Fuel Cell Inc., is moving its manufacturing operation of specialized solid oxide fuel cells to the Mount Pleasant Glass Centre in Pennsylvania, a $2.27 million project that is expected to result in the creation of 33 jobs during the next three years.

Learn More at Tribe Live

Elevating the Fuel Cell Lift Truck Market

August 19, 2014

With use by Walmart, BMW and other large, 24/7 facility operators, hydrogen-powered lift trucks are proven at the higher end of the market, but can they catch on elsewhere? Fuel cell providers are betting that turnkey, streamlined offerings will help.

Learn More at Plug Power


UPDATE 2- Plug Power revenue doubles as fuel cell demand soars

August 14, 2014

Plug Power Inc's revenue more than doubles, beating the average analyst estimate, helped by higher demand from customers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc, which uses its hydrogen fuel cells to power forklifts. 

Learn More at Reuters


CESA: Combining solar with energy storage the future of clean energy

August 13, 2014

Green Mountain Power (GMP) has begun construction on a "solar + storage microgrid" project in Rutland, Vt., which is being partially funded a federal-state-NGO partnership involving the State of Vermont; the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Electricity; and the Energy Storage Technology Advancement Partnership (ESTAP) -- a project managed by Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) and Sandia National Laboratories. Microgrids like these can keep critical facilities, such as emergency shelters, firehouses and fueling stations, operating during power outages.

Learn More at Fierce Energy

ClearEdge buyer to revamp S. Windsor plant with smaller workforce

August 6, 2014

Doosan Corp., the South Korean conglomerate that bought ClearEdge Power out of bankruptcy in July, said in an announcement that it intends to keep the fuel cell manufacturer's operations in South Windsor, and hire hundreds of workers.

Learn More at Hartford Business


New Owners Of Fuel Cell Firm Hiring Workers, Naming South Windsor Its Headquarters

August 6, 2014

The South Korean comany that bought fuel cell operations from the bankrupt ClearEdge Power said it plans to make South Windsor its Headquarters and hire more than a hundred workers by the end of next year.

Learn More at The Courant


Newly Formed Coosan Fuel Cell America is 'Positioned to Become the Numebr One Global Fuel Cell Provider,' According to CEO

August 6, 2014

Following its acquisition of ClearEdge Power on July 18, Doosan Corporation has formed Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. (Doosan FC). This follows Doosan's merger with another fuel cell company, Korea-based Fuel Cell Power, and the formation of the Doosan Fuel Cell Group. According to Group CEO Jeff Chung, Doosan FC plans to add hundreds of employees to its Connecticut-based operation, and is positioned to become the number one global fuel cell provider within the next ten years.

Learn More at Doosan Inc.


NRG invests $75M in FuelCell

August 5, 2014

New Jersey conglomerate NRG Energy, which operates nine power plants in Connecticut, has invested $75 million in Danbury clean power manufacturer FuelCell Energy.

Learn More at Hartford Business


Deadlines Quickly Approaching for CT Studios Construction

July 31, 2014

It's been five yers since the initial contruction plan for Connecituct Studios was presented to the town of South Windsor, and construction still has not begun. Although the plan has gone through several changes and delays to the project have been many, the Town Council remains hopeful that it will come into being and be of benefit to the town.

Learn More at Reminder News


Walmart Expands Commitment to Plug Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells With GenKey Order for Seventh N. American Distribution Center

July 29, 2014

Plug Power Inc. today confirms the company has received a follow-on GenKey purchase order from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. to add an additional, seventh, GenKey site to the original six-site contract it announced in February 2014. This additional site in Sterling, IL consists of 286 GenDrive fuel cell units and is planned to deploy in the third quarter of 2014.

Learn More at Yahoo Finance


GE Threatens to Enter Fuel Cell Market, Compete With Bloom

July 24, 2014

Earlier this week, General Electric announced that it is initiating an entrepreneurial effort to commercialize its solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology for megawatt-scale stationary power applications. Billion-dollar fuel cell startup Bloom Energy also works with SOFC technology at this scale.

Learn More at Green Tech Media 


Korean Firm Buys ClearEdge for $32M

July 21, 2014

South Korean conglomerate Doosan Corp. said Monday it agreed to buy shuttered South Windsor fuel cell manufacturer ClearEdge Power for $32.4 million. ClearEdge abruptly closed down in late April, laying off 300 workers without warning, and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 1. The company launched an auction on July 9 to sell off its assets, in order to repay some of the company's creditors.

Learn More at Hartford Business


Solid Cell Receives Grant

July 8, 2014

A $200,000 grant has been awarded to Solid Cell of Rochester to help the company move its solid-oxide fuel cell from prototype to an affordable, easy-to-manufacture product for residential, commercial, industrial and military uses.

Learn More at The Daily Record 


Wallingford Company Aims to Reduce Cost, Improve Efficiency of Hydrogen Generators

April 7, 2014 

Proton Onsite is looking to enter the hydrogen storage market. Currently Proton builds hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen generators of various sizes for commercial and industrial applications. However generators are assembled at Proton’s facility by hand and in order to expand into the storage market, larger hydrogen generators need to be produced for less money. Proton is working to develop a generator that is powerful yet cost-effective enough to enter the fuel cell market dominated by multibillion-dollar natural gas companies. examples.

Learn More at Record Journal

Delta Greenhouse Introduces New Green Technology

April 7, 2014

A Ladner greenhouse celebrated the introduction of a groundbreaking renewable energy technology. Officials from the agricultural sector, government agencies, and several energy firms were on hand at Village Farms for a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the on-site quad-generation project, the first ever for a greenhouse. Using fuel cell technology, the "clean-tech" project processes landfill gas for the commercial production of renewable heat and food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) to benefit the Village Farms operation. It also produces electricity and hydrogen for additional commercial markets. The $7.5 million project, which received funding from several agri-food agencies, was a partnership among Village Farms, Quadrogen Power Systems Inc., FuelCell Energy Inc. and the National Research Council of Canada.

Learn More at Delta Optimist


Plug Power Buys Fuel Cell Stack Maker ReliOn for 4 Million

April 2, 2014

Plug Power Inc said it bought fuel-cell stack maker ReliOn Inc in an all-stock deal and looks to diversify its supplier base. Plug Power shares rose 4.5 percent at the end of day as the deal also helps the fuel-cell maker expand into the stationary back-up fuel cell market. Plug Power said it expects the acquisition to add to earnings in 2015 and contribute to the development of its GenDrive fuel-cell systems.

Learn More at Reuters


U.S. DOE Seeks Industry Input on $1 Million H-Prize Competition Guidelines for Small-Scale Hydrogen Refueling System 

March 28, 2014

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking public comments on the Draft Guidelines for the $1 Million H2 Refuel H-Prize. This competition challenges America's engineers and entrepreneurs to develop affordable systems for small-scale, non-commercial hydrogen fueling to supplement the current development of hydrogen fueling station infrastructure.


Praxair Gets $1 Million State Grant for Liquid Hydrogen Production

March 27, 2014

Praxair Inc. is getting a $1 million grant from New York State for an expansion project that will allow the company’s plant in Niagara Falls to increase its production of liquid hydrogen by 50 percent.  The state grant will help pay for the construction of a steam methane reformer that will increase the supply of hydrogen to the plant, which also receives low-cost hydropower from the nearby Niagara Power Project. The expansion is expected to be completed next year.

Advent Expands Energy Offerings with Licensing 

March 27, 2014

Advent Technologies has acquired a license from BASF Corporation that allows Advent to make and market the German chemical giant's assemblies of membrane electrodes, which are used in fuel cells to separate protons from various gases.

Learn More at HartfordBusiness.com

In Worcester, Patrick Unveils Electric Vehicle Rebate Program
March 23, 2014
In hopes of furthering the state's emissions goals, Gov. Deval Patrick announced a new rebate program  to encourage sales of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.  The rebates, worth up to $2,500, are funded through $2 million raised in an auction for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). 
Learn More at telegram.com


Mercedes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Due in 2017

March 16, 2014

Mercedes-Benz is readying "the next level" of hydrogen fuel cell cars.  Although the German company planned to release production models based on existing test vehicles,   Mercedes eventually dropped plans of a 2014 launch because of viability issues that arose.  The company is aiming to get a production model on the road by 2017. 

Learn More at Slash Gear


Plug Power Eyes First Profit on Rising Fuel Cell Orders

March 13, 2014

Plug Power Inc expects to post its first ever profit in the fourth quarter this year as orders rise for its hydrogen fuel cells. Plug Power's fuel cell systems replace lead-acid batteries to power forklifts without burning fuel, which makes them an efficient, quiet and pollution-free alternative to combustion engines. Plug Power could add another supplier later this year and start building its own fuel cell stacks with the aim of shipping the in-house built systems next year.
Learn More at Reauters


PCI Awarded DOE SBIR Phase I Grant to Develop a Process for the Direct Conversion of Shale Gas to Commodity Chemicals

March 12, 2014

Precision Combustion Inc. has been awarded a grant to prove its novel concept for a potentially breakthrough process for converting natural gas directly to commodity chemicals. An efficient direct process, a long-sought goal of the refining industry, will enable the use of inexpensive domestic supplies of natural gas in place of expensive crude oil for production of America’s industrial chemicals.

Learn More at PCI


FuelCell Energy Announces Market Developments for On-Site Distributed Hydrogen Generation Using Versatile Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants

March 7, 2014

FuelCell Energy announced further progress with developing the on-site distributed hydrogen generation market with a $2.8 million continuation of an award from the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office to showcase the tri-generation capabilities of a Direct FuelCell power plant for industrial applications.  

Learn More at FuelCell Energy


Hydrogen Growth "Infrastructure Dependent," Says Hyundai 

March 6, 2014
According to Hyundai, the rollout of more hydrogen fuel cell cars is being held back by a lack of refueling infrastructure. The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell – which may be the only hydrogen fuel cell car currently commercially available in the world – is limited in its application due to a slow rollout of refueling points.

ClearEdge Expands in South Windsor, Seeks $20M in Revenue

February 24, 2014
In its first full year since acquiring UTC Power, fuel cell manufacturer ClearEdge Power wants to double its annual revenues to $200 million. To reach its goal, ClearEdge is expanding its South Windsor campus in order to manufacture the company's two types of fuel cells. The firm is investing $22 million in R&D, mostly in Connecticut; and working to drop the price of both the Model 5 and the Model 400 fuel cell systems; and hiring more engineers to its existing workforce.
Learn More at Hartford Business Journal

World's Largest Energy Park Created in South Korea
February 19, 2014
FuelCell Energy announced the completion of the world's largest fuel cell park in South Korea. The Gyeonggi Green Energy fuel cell park consists of 21 power plants, rated at 2.8 megawatts each.  A total of which requires only 5.1 acres of land for 59 megawatts of new and renewable power. The fuel cell park provides continuous baseload electricity to the South Korean electric grid and usable high quality heat for a district heating system. 
Learn More at FuelCell Energy

Plug Power Receives Milestone Order from Wal-Mart 
February 10, 2014
Plug Power has recieved a multi-site GenKey purchase order from Walmart Stores, Inc. to install their hydrogen fuel cell solution and power electric lift truck fleets at six North America distribution centers. The first of six sites will be deployed by the second quarter of 2014. There will be a t
otal of 1,738 GenDrive fuel cell units deployed over two years, and the deal includes six-year GenCare service contract for each site. 
Learn More at Plug Power 

New ClearEdge Power White Paper Contrasts Benefits of Diesel Generators versus PureCell Fuel Cell Systems as an Energy Generator Source

February 6, 2014 

ClearEdge Power released a white paper contrasting the benefits of diesel generators versus the company’s own PureCell fuel cell systems as a source of critical power generation for businesses. Recent high powered storms have fueled a heightened interest in finding answers for critical power emergencies and ClearEdge Power’s PureCell systems are presented as a solution as opposed to diesel generators. 
Learn More at ClearEdge Power 


US Hybrid of California Revives UTC Power Transportation Fuel Cell Operation
February 3, 2014

U.S. Hybrid is reviving the former UTC Power transportation fuel cell operation. U.S. Hybrid Corporation makes electric and hybrid transportation power train components and is hiring some of the more than 100 workers laid off last year after Oregon’s ClearEdge Power bought UTC Power’s stationery fuel cell business. U.S. Hybrid said it has signed a global licensing agreement allowing the use of UTC’s technology to make fuel cells for transit buses and other forms of transportation.

Learn More at MassLive


Sprint, FedEx Invigorate Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tests
January 30, 2014 

The flurry of corporate interest in hydrogen fuel cells continued this week with telecommunications giant Sprint announcing that it will use the emerging technology as a means of backing up power for rooftop network sites. FedEx Express is also the beneficiary of a DoE award for development of hydrogen fuel cells. The $3 million project is actually a collaboration betweenFedEx Express, Smith Electric Vehicles and Plug Power, which is one of the better-known players in this market segment.

Learn More at Plug Power


WattJoule Licenses Battery Technology Developed by PNNL

January 27, 2014

WattJoule Corporation has entered into an intellectual property licensing agreement with Battelle. This agreement enables the full commercialization of patent pending, flow battery electrolyte technology developed over the last several years by the research team at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). 

Learn More at WattJoule

Sustainable Innovations Takes Part in Breakthrough Organic Flow Battery Technology
January 16, 2014
Sustainable Innovations has teamed up with Harvard scientists to develop an innovative grid-scale battery funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). Sustainable Innovations’ role in the project is to facilitate the crucial step of deploying large-scale versions of a revolutionary new flow battery technology. The Company anticipates that over a period of three years under ARPA-E funding, it will develop a version of the organic flow battery contained in a commercial sized embodiment approximately the size of a horse trailer. The portable, scaled-up storage system is capable of interfacing with solar panels to immediately supply energy or to store energy for later use. 
Learn More at Sustainable Innovations 

Northeast Companies Join NEESC Booth at Hannover Messe 2014
January 6, 2014
Fuel cell companies and OEMs in the Northeast are invited to join NEESC's booth at the upcoming technology trade show Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany. Over 6,500 companies worldwide attend every year and exhibit to over 250,000 visitors. Hydrogen and fuel cell companies, such as ClearEdge Power, Dexmet, Precision Combustion Inc, Engineered Fibers Technology, Giner, Advent Technologies, Sustainable Innovations, and Nuvera are confirmed to attend and participate int he Northeast Group Exhibit. Space is still available. 
Learn More at the Event Website 

Move Over Electric Car, Auto Companies To Make Hydrogen Vehicles
January 2, 2014
Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai have announced that they plan to buil hydrogen-powered cars in the next few years.  But is America ready for automobiles fueled with gaseous hydrogen?  Take a test-drive in one to find out.
Read More at NPR

Toyota to Debut Concept Fuel Cell Vehicle in January
December 18, 2013
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., will debut the FCV, a sedan based fuel cell vehicle, at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The reveal will feature the North America debut of the concept vehicle as well as an introduction to the fuel cell "test mule," which logged thousands of miles during rigorous quality and durability testing on U.S. roadways.
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Legislative Briefing - Hartford 2014
A Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Educational Briefing, sponsored by the Commerce and Energy of Technology Committees and members of the Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition (CHFCC), will be held on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.  The briefing will focus on the value of Connecticut’s hydrogen and fuel cell industry for job creation, and how hydrogen and fuel cell technology can increase transportation efficiency and provide reliable power to customers in Connecticut. In addition, major automakers will be on hand to discuss plans for the deployment of fuel cell vehicles in the Northeast.  
See Agenda

Navy Launches Fuel Cell UAV from Submerged Submarine
December 5, 2013
The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) with funding from SwampWorks at the Office of Naval Research and the Department of Defense Rapid Reaction Technology Office demonstrated the launch of an all-electric, fuel cell-powered, unmanned aerial system from a submerged submarine. The NRL Chemistry and Tactical Electronic Warfare Divisions team included the Massachusetts based fuel cell developer Protonex Technology Corp.
Read More at Naval Research Laboratory

NEESC Webinar Series Focuses on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell End Users
A webinar series, organized by NEESC, focuses on hydrogen and fuel cell industry markets, marketing, and business development.  Determine which marketing activities will ensure connection with customers in 2014, cover market trends and the fuel cell industry in Europe, ensure your business receives the most value from conferences, and ensure your DOE review is successful.   
Read More at NEESC.org

Bloom Energy Completes First International Project in Japan
November 26, 2013
Bloom Energy today announced the completion of the company’s first international project at SoftBank’s M-Tower in Fukuoka, Japan. In a celebratory event, the leadership of SoftBank, Bloom Energy, Bloom Energy Japan, and General Colin Powell commemorated the completion of the project. In July of 2013, SoftBank and Bloom Energy announced the formation of a Joint Venture, Bloom Energy Japan, and this is the first project to come out of the new partnership.
Read More at Bloom Energy

ARPA-E Announces $30 Million for Distributed Generation Technologies
November 25, 2013
The Department of Energy announced up to $30 million in Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) funding for a new program focused on the development of transformational electrochemical technologies to enable low-cost distributed power generation.  ARPA-E's Reliable Electricity Based on Electrochemical Systems (REBELS) program will develop fuel cell technology for distributed power generation to improve grid stability, increase energy security, and balance intermittent renewable technologies while reducing CO2 emissions associated with current distributed generation systems.
Read More at DOE

PureCell® Fuel Cell System Provides Clean, Critical and Secure Energy Solution for First National Bank of Omaha Sunnyvale, California
November 21, 2013
ClearEdge Power, a manufacturer of scalable, distributed power systems, today announced that First National Bank of Omaha has purchased a PureCell® Model 400 fuel cell system for its First National Technology Center in Omaha, Neb., having been the first data center in the world to generate power via fuel cells since 1999. The fuel cell is installed in the main floor of the building and provides 400 kW of clean, efficient heat and power to the building. First National Bank of Omaha has been a pioneer in the successful incorporation of fuel cells, having powered its data center since 1999 with ClearEdge Power’s previous generation 200 kW fuel cell systems. By installing a new PureCell Model 400 system, First National Bank of Omaha continues to benefit from the high levels of reliability and the environmental savings achieved through the use of clean, efficient fuel cell technology.
Read More at Clear Edge Power

Fuel Cell Nearing Leap from Lab to Highway
November 21, 2013
Hyundai said it will start leasing the first of a planned 1,000 fuel cell Tucson SUVs next year in California. The monthly lease price -- including unlimited hydrogen fuel -- is $499, with $2,999 down.Honda showed the FCEV, an early look at its next-generation fuel cell vehicle. Honda said it wants to begin offering a fuel cell vehicle in 2015 in the United States.Toyota introduced the FCV sedan, which it says is a "practical concept" of the fuel cell vehicle it plans to launch in about two years. The car will have a range of just over 300 miles, and its twin hydrogen tanks can be refilled in about three minutes.
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Toyota Vows Fuel Cell Model by 2015 in Green Push
November 21, 2013

Toyota is promising a mass-produced fuel cell car by 2015 in the latest ambitious push to go green by an industry long skeptical about the super-clean technology that runs on hydrogen.
Satoshi Ogiso, the Toyota Motor Corp. executive in charge of fuel cells, said Wednesday the vehicle is not just for leasing to officials and celebrities but will be an everyday car for ordinary consumers, widely available at dealers.
Read More at the Las Vegas Sun

Honda FCEV Concept Makes World Debut at Los Angeles International Auto Show
November 20, 2013
Honda's next generation fuel cell-electric vehicle launching in 2015 will feature the world's first application of a fuel-cell powertrain packaged completely in the engine room of the vehicle, allowing for efficiencies in cabin space as well as flexibility in the potential application of FC technology to multiple vehicle types in the future. Significant technological advancements to the fuel-cell stack have yielded more than 100kW of power output. The power density is now 3kW/L, an increase of 60 percent, with the stack size reduced 33-percent compared to the FCX Clarity. The next generation Honda FCEV is anticipated to deliver a driving range of more than 300 miles with a quick refueling time of about three minutes at a pressure of 70 MPa.
Read More at Honda 

Hyundai Offers Tucson Fuel Cell Hydrogen-Powered Electric Vehicle To Retail Customers In Spring 2014
November 20, 2013
Hyundai today announced plans to offer its next-generation Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle for the U.S. market for just $499 per month, including unlimited free hydrogen refueling and At Your Service Valet Maintenance at no extra cost. For the first time, retail consumers will be able to put a mass-produced, federally certified hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in their driveways, with availability beginning in Spring 2014 at several Southern California Hyundai dealers.
Read More at Digital Journal

Fuel cell now operating at California State San Bernardino
November 11, 2013
A new 1.4-megawatt utility-owned fuel cell is now in full operation at Cal State San Bernardino. The commissioning of a Direct Fuel Cell® DFC1500 power plant, a joint project with Southern California Edison, was recently completed. Now integrated into the campus’s central plant, the fuel cell is generating electricity to the utility grid with waste heat to the campus at no cost to the university.
Read More at CSU San Bernardino 

Nuvera to Provide Fincantieri with Fuel Cell Technology for Marine Vessels 
November 7, 2013

Nuvera Fuel Cells has announced that it will be working with Italian shipbuilder, Fincantieri, on a program to power hi-end marine vessels with advanced fuel cell technology. Nuvera has been commissioned to produce and deliver eight of its Orion™ fuel cell stacks (total power 260 kW), which will be used as range extenders for use on marine vessels.
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UK HFCA Highlights the Role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Reducing Outdoor Air Pollution and Related Cancer Deaths
November 1, 2013
Outdoor air pollution was recently classified as carcinogenic to humans by the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). According to the press release, The IARC evaluation showed an increasing risk of lung cancer with increasing levels of exposure to particulate matter and air pollution. Although the composition of air pollution and levels of exposure can vary dramatically between locations, the conclusions of the Working Group apply to all regions of the world. As stated in 2010, 223 000 deaths from lung cancer worldwide resulted from air pollution and the predominant sources of outdoor air pollution are transportation, stationary power generation, industrial and agricultural emissions, and residential heating and cooking.
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Ford Cell Equinox Tops 100,000 Miles in Real World Driving
October 22, 2013
One of General Motors’ fuel cell research vehicles recently passed a milestone for a hydrogen-powered vehicle, topping 100,000 miles of real-world driving. By using renewable hydrogen, this vehicle has saved 5,260 gallons of gasoline. At $3.50 per gallon, that’s more than $18,000 in fuel cost savings. 
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NASA Fuel Cell Technology to Power Al Gore's New London Headquarters

 October 14, 2013

Fuel cell technology used to power NASA's space shuttle will provide light and heat for Al Gore's new London headquarters.

The fuel cell, which converts gas into heat and electricity without producing carbon emissions, has been installed in a major crown estate development in Regent Street in the capital.
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FuelCell Energy Demonstrates Biogas-Powered Fuel Cell Power Plant at Dairy Farm
October 14, 2013
FuelCell Energy has announced a DOE-supported project to convert agricultural waste into renewable power utilizing an SOFC power plant. The solid oxide fuel cell power plant demonstration, planned for early 2014 for operation at a dairy farm in California, will utilize renewable biogas from the anaerobic digestion process to generate electricity and heat in conjunction and will be operated in cooperation with project partner TDA Research, Inc.
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Ballard Launches New Outdoor Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solutions for Telecom Backup Power Market
October 10, 2013
Ballard Power Systems has announced the launch of a standardized fuel cell backup power cabinet solution suitable for outdoor deployment as part of the ElectraGen™ product portfolio for telecom network operators. The new outdoor enclosures are designed to accommodate Ballard’s direct hydrogen backup power systems, and feature modular construction and options enabling customization. 
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Toyota Shows Hydrogen Prototype in Race Toward Fuel Cells
October 10, 2013
Toyota Motor Corp has long held out hydrogen as the ultimate alternative to gasoline for powering autos. Soon, consumers will be able to kick the tires of its fuel cell-powered car and those of other automakers.To demonstrate how far hydrogen cars have come since the early 2000s, Toyota gave test drives of a small, prototype sedan in Japan this week. A similar vehicle with a different exterior will debut at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show. The car, which showed quick acceleration and sharp handling, will arrive in the U.S., Japan and Europe as early as next year as a 2015 model.
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FuelCell Energy Solutions Announces Delivery of German-Made Fuel Cell Power Plant to Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Office Complex
October 8, 2013
FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH, a provider of ultra-clean, efficient and reliable fuel cell power plants, today announced the delivery of its first German manufactured fuel cell power plant to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) office complex that is being constructed by BAM Deutschland AG in Berlin, Germany. A delivery ceremony is being held at the BMBF construction site at 10 am Central European Summer Time (CEST) on October 8. FuelCell Energy Solutions is managing the installation of the power plant and commissioning is expected in mid-2014 once construction of the office complex nears completion.
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NRG Energy to Market and Sell FuelCell Energy Power Plants
September 4, 2013
For customers who want to enjoy the benefits of fuel cell generated power but prefer not to own the power plant directly, NRG will purchase the power plant from FuelCell Energy, retain ownership of the plant and sell the power to the customer through a long-term power purchase agreement.     
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Nuvera Wins DOE Grant for Refrigeration
September 1, 2013
Nuvera Fuel Cells recently announced that it won a U.S. Department of Energy grant worth up to $1.3 million to adapt its Orion hydrogen fuel cell to power tractor-trailers' refrigeration units in place of small diesel engines.
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Plug Power Awarded $650,000 DOE Contract to Test Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Refrigerated Cargo Trucks
August 23, 2013
Plug Power was selected by the Fuel Cell Technologies Office within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) to showcase its fuel cells in transport refrigeration units (TRUs). These units are large air conditioners that regulate cold temperatures for items such as frozen pizza, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and other goods that must be kept chilled or frozen during transport from distribution centers to retail destinations.
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Fuel Cell Startup Looking to Grow
August 23, 2013
Sustainable Innovations, of Glastonbury, Connecticut, currently employs 12, and is about to make offers to a few more engineers.  For the first time, it's beginning to search for production workers.                                                  
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Mercedes-Benz Expands Use of Plug Power Hydrogen Fuel Cells at US Vehicle Assembly Plant
August 20, 2013
Plug Power Inc., has announced that Mercedes-Benz US International, Inc. has ordered 123 additional hydrogen-based GenDrive® fuel cell units to power new forklift trucks for its material handling fleet at a logistics hub now under construction in Tuscaloosa, AL.
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Parker Installs First Propane-Fuelled SOFC System
August 1, 2013
Silent and efficiently running on propane, the parker Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Fuel Cell System provides power independence and optional heating and hot water for customers in the recreational vehicle and marine markets.  The system which was co-developed with New York based Watt Fuel Cell Corp., is being installed on a 36-foot sailboat. 
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Energy Department Announces New Awards to Small Businesses to Accelerate Commercialization of Clean Energy Technologies
July 24, 2013
A project led by Proton OnSite to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of systems that produce hydrogen fuel from renewable energy sources was among the 11 project receiving award from DOE and EERE, which total nearly $11 million.
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Lewis and Clark College Collaborating with Ameren on Fuel Cell Project
July 16, 2013
Lewis and Clark Community College is partnering with Ameren Corporation to install a ClearEdge Power PureCell System Model 5, fuel cell on its Godfrey, Illinois Campus in the USA.  The fuel cell is expected to be installed in November 2013 and will be placed in the Trimpe Building as part of planned renovations taking place over the next 18 months.
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Fuel Cells Now Outselling Conventional Micro-CHP
July 11, 2013
For the first time ever, fuel cells have become the most common technology employed in micro-CHP Systems sold today.  Until 2012, the global micro-CHP market was dominated by products powered by combustion engines, but according to industry analysts, residential fuel cells now account from 64 percent of global unit sales.
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Customer Success with Lower-Cost Hydrogen Production Systems Expand Markets for Plug Power and Gendrive Fuel Cells
July 11, 2013
Plug Power highlights that recent customer success with hydrogen production systems, called on-site reformers, allows GenDrive fuel cells to provide cost-effective power for smaller forklift truck fleets.  On-site reformer systems convert natural gas to hydrogen on customer premises, which decreases fuel infrastructure costs and make hydrogen Power more viable.
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Regional Innovation Clusters Support Small Business Growth
July 10, 2013
NEESC is amongst the ten clusters associated with the Small Business Administration's (SBA's) Regional Cluster Initiative (RCI), recently highlighted for its efforts to strengthen business and revenue growth in the U.S. Research indicates that smaller businesses that are part of a Regional Innovation Cluster create more jobs and grow revenue at a faster pace.
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Nuvera Fuel Cells to Supply Hydrogen at ACE Hardware's New Distribution Center
July 9, 2013
In mid-March, ACE Hardware broke ground on their new distribution facility in Wilmer Texas.  Nuvera Fuel cells is excited to announce that they have been selected to be the hydrogen supplier for the hardware giant's fleet of fuel cell-powered forklift trucks.
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ClearEdge Power Corp. in South Windsor, Conn., Auctions Old UTC Equipment to Make Way for Increased Production
July 7, 2013
ClearEdge Power Corp. has auctioned off more than 600 pieces of equipment and tools at its former UTC Power operation.  Items sold, according to the list, included everything from a "walk-in testing station" for fuel cell production to gauges, electrical wiring, steel enclosed cabinets, temperature and flow controls, microscopes, and lab equipment.
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Energy Department Announces $9 Million to Advance Cost- Effective Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies
June 11, 2013
In support of the Obama Administration's all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Energy Department today announced up to $9 million in new funding to accelerate the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for use in vehicles, backup power systems, and hydrogen refueling components. These investments will strengthen U.S. leadership in cost-effective hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and help industry bring these technologies into the marketplace at lower cost.
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Three Students Awarded $200,000 For Clean Energy Innovation
June 11, 2013
Three talented high school seniors have won scholarships for designing renewable energy solutions that could solve a real-world problem, thanks to the Proton OnSite Scholarship and Innovation Program and its entrepreneur benefactor Tom Sullivan.
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Plug Power Customer BMW Now Operating Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Fleet in North America
June 6, 2013
BMW Manufacturing Co. recently expanded the use of Plug Power hydrogen fuel cells at its Spartanburg, South Carolina facility to power all material handling trucks and forklifts, bringing its clean energy fleet to 275 units.  This makes it the largest such fleet in North America. 
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H2USA Group Expands to 19 Participants
June 3, 2013
Launched in May 2013 with thirteen members, the US hydrogen infrastructure project dubbed H2USA has recently swelled its membership to nineteen. Of particular note is the addition of automotive OEMs General Motors and American Honda to the group.
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Proton Power's Fuel Cell Stack Achieves 10,000 Hours of Start-Stop Operation
May 27, 2013
Proton Power Systems has announced that its 7 kW fuel cell stack, the PM200, has successfully achieved 10,000 hours of start-stop operation.  The PM200 has been running in a long-term test since 2008 with daily start and stop operation. Beyond 10,000 hours now, the fuel cell stack continues to perform well and is achieving the predicted low rate of power degradation. 
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Plug Power Secures $6.5 Million Strategic Investment From Air Liquide
May 8, 2013
Plug Power Inc. today announced a $6.5 million (Euro 5 million) strategic investment from its partner Air Liquide, which includes a preferred stock purchase increased ownership of the companies' HyPulsion joint venture and an engineering services contract.
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Groundbreaking for Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell Power Station
April 30, 2013
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, U.S. Rep. Jim Himes and other dignitaries will join executives from Dominion of Richmond, Va., and Fuelcell Energy, Inc., of Danbury, Connecticut, to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell power station in downtown Bridgeport.  It will be the largest fuel cell power station in North America.
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ClearEdge Lands Multi-State Verizon Deal
April 30, 2013
ClearEdge Power has landed part of a $100-million, seven-state celan energy deal to power 19 Verizon facilities, creating the company's largest single-user project.  ClearEdge will install its PureCell fuel cell system at Verizon sites in California, New York, and New Jersey, generating 60 million kilowatt hours of electricty annually, energy to power 5,100 single-family homes.  The facilities include corporate offices, call centers, data centers, and central offices.
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FuelCell Energy Announces Megawatt-Class Power Plant Order From Hartford Steam for Installation at a Hospital in Connecticut 
April 17, 2013
FuelCell Energy, Inc. Announced the sale of a megawatt-class fuel cell power plant for installation at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut.  Hartford Steam Company, owned by Energenics of Mays Landing, New Jersey, purchased the fuel cell power plant and will sell the ultra-clean electricity and steam generated by the power plant to Hartford Hospital under a long-term energy purchase agreement (EPA) that will result in savings to the Hospital.  Excess heat not used by the hospital will be supplied to the district system in Hartford that is owned and operated by Hartford Steam and serves the Learning Corridor Corporation, a magnet school system.
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Ace Hardware Deploying 65 GenDrive Fuel cells From Plug Power
April 2, 2013
Plug Power Inc. will deploy a fleet of 65 GenDrive fuel cell units for customers, Ace Hardware Corporation.  The power unites will be used at Ace Hardware's newest retail Support Center, located in Wilmer, Texas.  Construction on the facility broke ground in mid-march for completion in early 2014.
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ClearEdge Power Raises $36 million to Support Manufacturing and Expand Sales
March 20, 2013
ClearEdge Power has announced the raising of $36 million in equity financing to 'serve current customers, support manufacturing operations, and rapidly expand sales activities.'
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BMW Manufacturing Expands Use of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
March 14, 2013
In 2010, BMW completed the installation of a hydrogen storage and distribution area near the South Carolina plant's energy center to power about 100 pieces of fuel cell material handling equipment.  Since that time, the company has more than doubled its hydrogen-fuel cell fleet to approximately 230 units to serve the entire plant's production and logistics functions.
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Protonex Announces New Credit Facility to Accelerate Growth in Military Power & Energy Equipment
March 11, 2013
Protonex Technology Corporation announced closing of credit facility to support the explosive growth of its alternative energy products within the US and allied militaries.  WindSail Capital Group, LLC has provided a $2 million credit facility, which will be used for working capital and sales channel expansion.
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FuelCell Energy Announces Tri-Generation Fuel cell Installation at Vancouver Landfill
February 28, 2013
FuelCell Energy, Inc. announced a contract to demonstrate a tri-generation stationary fuel cell power plant near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, using landfill gas as the fuel source.  The landfull gas clean-up will be performed by Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc., the prime contractor, and the cleaned landfill gas will be used by the fuel cell power plant to generate multiple revenue streams, including ultra-clean electricity, usable high quality heat and renewable hydrogen. 
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ClearEdge Power Completes Acquisition of UTC Power
 February 13, 2013
ClearEdge Power has completed its acquision of UTC Power, which was divested by former parent company United Technologies Corporation on December 22, 2012, as it focuses on its core competencies of aerospace and building systems.  Clearedge recognized synergies between its products and UTC power's and has acquired the company to expand its position in the stationary fuel cell marketplace with a broad technology portfolio.
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Interview Reveals Delphi SOFC to be used for Oil Sands Recovery
February 6, 2013
In a recent interview with Alan K. Forbes, President and CEO of Colorado-based Independent Energy Partners (IEP) explained how his company is working to improve extraction of oil sands using SOFC technology.  Its patented technology is known as the Geothemic Fuel Cell (GFC) and the company is partnering with Delphi to develop DOFCs which can be used underground in oil sands deposits.
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Rocket Engine Maker Commissions 400 kW UTC Power Fuel Cell
January 31, 2013
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne is a rocket engine maker based in California and a United Technology Company.  On January 9, 2013 it commissioned a 400 kW PureCell fuel cell from UTC Power at its De Solo Avenue facility in California.  The purchase and installation of the fuel cell cost about $3 million.  It qualifies for incentives under California's Self Generation Incentive Program and a federal investment tax credit, reducing the cost by up to 60%.
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CHP/Fuel Cell Grant Program Launched in New Jersey
January 22, 2013
The New Jersey Economic Development Authoriy (EDA) and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) have launched the second iteration of the Large Scale Combined Heat and Power (CHP)/Fuel Cell Program.  The rolling grant program, which follows a competitive program introduction last April, will support CHP and standalone fuel cell projects serving commercial, institutional and industrial customers in New Jersey.
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FuelCell Energy Enters Service Agreement for Fuel Cell Power Plant in Switzerland
January 22, 2013
FuelCell Energy, Inc has announced that FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH has entered into a multi-year service agreement for a stationary fuel cell power plant owned by Elektrizitaetswerks Zurich (ewz), an electric utility company in Switzerland.  
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Nuvera Fuel Cell Stacks for Materials Handling Vehicles to Launch at ProMat 2013
January 16, 2013
South Korea's Samsung Everland has purchased two PureCell 400 phosphoric acid fuel cell systems from UTC Power to be installed in the Lotte World Tower, currently under construction, it will be South Korea's first super-high sky scraper when it opens in 2015 and will host the world's tallest observation deck at 497.6 metres on the 123rd floor.
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0.8 MW of UTC Fuel Cell Power to Seoul's Lotte World Tower
January 13, 2013
Nuvera Fuel Cells is to introduce its new Orion stack for the materials handling market at ProMat 2013 - the famous US supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution trade show, which will be held in Chicago, Illinois from January 21 - 24, 2013.
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Output Performance Warranty for Bridgeport Fuel Cell Park
January 8, 2013
Solid oxide fuel cell developer WATT Fuel Cell has announced the signing of a strategic licencing and supply agreement with Parker Hannifin, a manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems.  The agreement will see Parker producing a range of propane-driven SOFC products aimed at the marine, RV, trucking, and residental markets; the fuel cells will range in size from 500 W up to 3 kW.  Parker will manufacture the balance of plant and control units and integrate WATT's SOFC stacks.
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WATT Fuel Cell Signs Strategic Licensing and Supply Agreement with Parker Hannifin
January 8, 2012
Energy, which provides energy insurance products; People's United Insurance Agency; and Hannover Re, have announced that they have finished coverage for the 14.9 MW Bridgeport Fuel Cell project located in Connecticut, which will soon be the largest fuel cell park in the USA.  Developed and manufactured by FuelCell Energy, Inc. and owned by CDominion, the project has been in development for six years and is slated to start producing electricity in December 2013.
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State Investment Spurs Greek Fuel Cell Component Manufacturer's Move to Connecticut
January 7, 2012
A Connecticut authority has invested $1 million in Greek company Advent Technologies, which produced high temperature PEM fuel cell membranes and components.  As a result, Advent has relocated its headquarters to East Hartford, Connecticut while maintaining R&D operations in Greece.  IT will also establish R&D and manufacturing operations in Connecticut.
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Nector: Lilliputian debuts its Long Awaited, Long-Lasting Portable Fuel Cell at CES
January 7, 2012
A Connecticut authority has invested $1 million in Greek company Advent Technologies, which produced high temperature PEM fuel cell membranes and components.  As a result, Advent has relocated its headquarters to East Hartford, Connecticut while maintaining R&D operations in Greece.  IT will also establish R&D and manufacturing operations in Connecticut.
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WATT Fuel Cell Corp. Secures $100,000 in Funding from NYSERDA
December 18, 2012
After five years of development, Lilliputian Systems has debuted the commercial model of its long-lasting, butane-fuelled, portable solid oxide fuel cell at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  The charger, now dubbed the Nectar Mobile Power System, will launch exclusively through American gadget and lifestyle retailer Brookstone for $299 in the summer and can provide power to any device that can charge through a USB interface.
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Gov. Malloy Attends Fuel Cell Dedication Ceremony at CT Transit Hartford Facility; Participates in Veterans Hall of Fame Ceremony
November 27, 2012
Governor Dannel P. Malloy and officials from the Connecticut Department of Transportation will participate in a ceremony dedicating the stationary fuel cell that is now providing CTTransit's Harford bus maintenance and storage facility with clean and reliable power.  Annually, the fuel cell is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 827 metric tons, reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to the equivalent of removing more than 100 cars from the road, and save 3.6 million gallons of water.  They will also announce the detals of a multi-million dollar federal grant to build a similar stationary fuel cell at the New Haven facility.
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Seven PureCell Systems to Generate Clean, Sustainable Power for the Greater Seoul Area
November 27, 2012
Samsung Everland has purchased seven (7) PureCell Modell 400 fuel cell systems to be installed at the Korean South East Power Co. LTD. (KOSEP), a public utility company in the greater Seoul area.  The fuel cells, which will be located atKOSEP's Bundang facility in the Gyeonggi province, will provide 3.08 MW of clean electicity to the local frid and thermal energy to the district heating business.  The project is expected to be operational in spring 2013.
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Proton OnSite 1 MW PEM Electrolyzer to Launch by 2014
November 16, 2012
Proton OnSite has announced that it is developing a 1 MW proton exchange membrane electrolyzer targeted at renewable energy storage systems, predominantly in Europe, where the concept of gas injection is an energy storage device rapidly gaining popularity. 
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WATT Fuel Cell Announces Technology Advancements in Development of Commercially Viable Fuel Cell Systems
November 13, 2012
WATT Fuel Cell Corp. announces several advancements in the production of its portable and small stationary fuel cell systems platforms for commercial and military applications.  These include refinement of the company's cell manufacturing process, reduction of costs in cell and stack production and balance-of-plant componentry, completion of system testing on a 500-watt  propane-powered unit, and preparation for initial product rollouts in 2013. 
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Fuel Cell Today Publishes 2012 Fuel Cell RCS Review
November 13, 2012
Regulations, codes and standards (RCS) are a key part of the development and running of industry.  The 2012 Fuel Cell RCS Review looks at the ways in which RCS address fuel cells and the fuels they use as the technologies begin to commercialise.
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PureCell System to Power California Air Quality Agency
November 12, 2012
South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) in Diamond Bar, CA, will install a PureCell System Model 400 fuel cell to power its headquarters.  AQMD, the air pollution control agency for all of Orange County, CA, and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, is a repeat customer for UTC Power.  In 1994, the AQMD installed a PureCell System Model 200, which ran for more than 50,000 hours.
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Wyoming Business Council Approves bond for Cheyenne Biogas Fuel Cell
November 8, 2012
The Wyoming Business Council Board of directors voted to recommmend approval of a grant to help bring an experimental fuel-cell-powered data center to Cheyenne.  The Board approved a $1.5 million grant application from the city of Cheyenne's Borad of Public Utilities, which would fund construction of city-owned transmission lines leading from a city water reclamation facility to a fuel cell and then to a small Microsoft data center.  The project, expected to cost just more than $8 million, will bring together Microsoft, Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power, FuelCell Energy, the Western Research Institute, and the University of Wyoming.
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Ballard and Anglo American Platinum Developing Fuel Cell Home Generation For African Market
November 8, 2012
Ballard Power Systems has announced successful completion of the first phase of work, and significant progress on the second phase, with Angle American Platinum Limited under a Product Development Agreement related to fuel cell-powered electric generation for the African rural home market.
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Ballard Fuel Cell Systems Prove 100% Reliable, Providing Backup Power During Hurricane Sandy
November 6, 2012
Ballard Power Systems announced that, during the difficult circumstances presented by Hurricane Sandy, the Company's ElectrGen-ME methanol fuel cell systems performed exactly as designed, providing critiical electricity to the Bahamas mobile telephone network when the storm downed power lines and cut off grid power.
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FuelCell Energy Announces Fuel Cell Manufacturing Agreement with POSCO Energy
November 5, 2012
FuelCell Energy, Inc. has agreeed a series of strategic initiative with its South Korean partner, POSCO Energy, to expand the market for stationary fuel cell power plants in Asia.  This included a license agreement for POSCO Energy to manufacture Direct FuelCell power plants in South Korea and sell these throughout Asia.
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FuelCell Energy Announces 121.8 MW Order, Largest Ever for the Fuel Cell Industry
November 5, 2012
FuelCell Energy, Inc. has announced an order from its South Korean partner POSCO Energy for 121.8 MW of fuel cell kits and services to be manufactured at the FuelCell Energy production facility in Torrington, Connecticut.  The estimated value of the multi-year contract is approximately $181 million.  POSCO Energy, the largest independent power producer in South Korea, is a subsidiary of POSCO, a leading global steel producer.
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ElectoChem Launches New Product Lines for Microbial Fuel Cells
November 2, 2012
ElectoChem Inc. has recently launched two new product lines to facilitate researchers in developing microbial fuel cells (MFC).  MFC generate power from enzymes or microbes.
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DOE Awards Plug Power $2.5m for Fuel Cell Retrofit
November 2, 2012
The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded Plug Power $2.5 million to retrofit 15 electric tow tractors with hydrogen fuel cells at two of FedEx's deomestic airports in Tennessee and Californiga.  Both airports recieve high volumes of traffic and both will utilise natural gas as a feedstock for hydrogen production.  There are approximately 14,000 tow tractors in the US, mostly battery powered.
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Toyota Powers-Up First of its Kind Stationary Fuel Cell
October 17, 2012
Furthering its commitment to alternative energy and the environment, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. activated a new 1.1 MW hydrogen fuel cell generator on the Torrance headquater campus.  The fuel cell will supply approximately half of the electricity for the six headquarter building during peak demand, while producing zero emissions.  Designed and built by Ballard Power Systems, the proprietary Proton Exchange Membran (PEM) stationary fuel cell is the larget PEM fuel cell of its kind.
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Construction of World's Largest Fuel Cell Power Plant Expected to Commence in 2012
October 17, 2012
FuelCell Energy, inc. has announced that the ownership of the planned 58.8 MW stationary fuel cell power plant in South Korea has been finalized. Construction of the plant, which will be the world's largest by a considerable margin once it is complete, is scheduled to commence in 2012.
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FuelCell Energy Carbon Capture Project in Phase II
October 17, 2012
Connecticut-based FuelCell Energy Inc. has announced the continuation of its DOE-funded project to evaluate the potential for its fuel cell techology to be used to capture carbon emission from coal-fired power plants.  The Project began at the end of 2011 and is scheduled to run for three and a half years.
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Mercedes-Benz Alabama Fuel Cell ForkLifts in Operation
October 15, 2012
The 72 fuel cell forklift trucks at the Mercedes Benz US International, Inc. facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama are now in daily operation. The forklifts are equipped with Plug Power GenDrive fuel cell power units and are used for moving Mercedes vehicle parts for assembly. The forklifts are being refuelled using Air Products' hydrogen refuelling infrastructure at the site, which was installed within a period of six weeks.
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2.8 MW Fuel Cell Using Biogas Now Operating; Largest PPAS of its Kind in North America
October 12 2012
A2.8 MW fuel cell system powered by renewable biogas has come on line in California, marking the start of the largest power purchase agreement using such a system in North America. The molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) was supplied by FuelCell Energy, Inc.
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Ballard Updates 2012 Business Outlook and Guidance
October 10, 2012
Ballard Power Systems is updating its 2012 business outlook and guidance.  Based on a preliminary estimate of Q3 revenue of $14 million together with its updated outlook for Q4, the Company is adjusting guidance downwards for the full year 2012.
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US DOE Announces $1 Million to Evaluate Technology Pathways for Cost-Competitive Hydrogen Fuel
October 5, 2012
In support of the Obama Administration's all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Energy Department announced new funding to evaluate the most promising technology paths towards achieving $2 to $4 per gallon gasoline equivalent of hydrogen fuel or less by 2020.  The funding will assist in the Department's broader efforts to give drivers and businessess more options and reduce U.S. reliance on foreign oil.
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FuelCell Energy Team Awarded $6.0 Million to Continue Development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Plant
October 4, 2012
FuelCell Energy has announced a $6.0 mllion cost-share award from the US DOE to continue research and development under phase III of the Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) coal-based systems program.  The SECA program is a collaboration between the Federal Government, private industry, and academia to develop megawatt-class solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) power plants to efficiently and cleanly generate electricity from coal syngas.
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Toyota has Opted for Fuel Cells
September 29, 2012
Toyota has information on the economic week, two landmark decision in electric mobility: electric vehicles with extended range to purchase their electricity from a fuel cell and not store it in a large and expensive battery.  Early 2014, the Company will begin production of the Toyota Prius fuel cell vehicle, which is to be distributed in Japan, the U.S., and Europe.
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Fuel Cell Converting Waste to Energy Comes Online at San Jose Facility
August 29, 2012
Anaergia Inc., which specializes in the generation of energy from organic waste, has announced that the renewable energy plant at the City of San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant in California is now coming online.  The plant, which uses a 1.4 MW MCFC system supplied by FuelCell Energy is fueled by biogas from the on-site anaerobic digesters.
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Eastern Connecticut State University Comissions Fuel Cell Power Plant
September 27, 2012
Eastern Connecticut State University has a longstanding commitment ot energy conservation and sustainability that dates back nearly two decades.  Eastern has partnered with UTC power of South Windsor, Connecticut, and the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA), on a project that is increasing energy efficiency at the University.
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Hyundai is First to Lauch Series Production of Zero-Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle
September 27, 2012
Hyundai Motor Co. will begin series production of its Hydrogen ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle for public and private lease by the end of 2012, becoming the first global automaker to begin commerical rollout of zero-emission vehicles.  In December 2012, Hyundai will begin production of the ix35 Fuel Cell with a target of building up to 1,000 vehicles by 2015.
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Ballard Ships Initial 100 ElectraGenTM Systems for Backup Power in Wireless Telecom Networks
September 26, 2012
Ballard Power Systems confirmed shipment of the Company's first 100 ElectraGen fuel cell power generation systems to Cascadiant Inc. and Inala Technologies, Ballard distributors in Southeast Asia and South Africa, respectively.
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TMC Announces Status of Its Environmental Technology Development, Future Plans
September 24, 2012
After steady advances in development, Toyota Motor Corportation's proprietary FC stack for use in the sedan-type Fuel Cell Vehicle scheduled for launch around 2016, boats the world's highest FC power output density of 3 kW/L, which is more than twice the density of the FC stack currently being used in the "FCHV-adv" fuel -cell hybrid prototype, but is approximately half the size and weight.
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2013 Hydrogen Student Design Contest to Develop Fueling Infrastructure Plan for Northeast U.S.
September 19, 2012
The 9th Annual Hydrogen Student Design Contest will challenge student teams to create a plan to implement a hydrogen infrastructure in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  Building on the recently unveiled California Road Map for hydrogen fueling stations to support fuel cell electric vehicles, students are being asked to support the national roll-out of hydrogen vehicles by creating a plan for the Northeastern United States.
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New Energy Department  Report Shows Strong Growth in the Fuel Cell Market in 2011
September 6, 2012
The Energy Department today released a new report showing significant growth for the fuel cell industry in 2011, and forecasting continued growth through 2012. The 2011 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report finds that commercial markets for fuel cell technologies expanded significantly over the last year, especially in the materials handling industry. At the end of 2011, more than 3,000 fuel cell forklifts were either deployed or on order in the United States.
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Obama, DOT, EPA Issue New 54.5 MPG Mandate Standard for Cars Built in 2025
August 29, 2012
This, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says, will nearly double the fuel efficiency of 2025 vehicles compared to those of today, and will save drivers more than $1.7 trillion in fuel and reduce US oil consumption by 12 billion barrels.
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US Congressman and Senator to Promote Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Proposed Legislation
August 28, 2012
Connecticut Congressman John B. Larson and US Senator Richard Blumenthal are to introduce legislation intended to expand federal incentives for the use of fuel cell technology and hydrogen in certain applications. Larson, the US Representative for Connecticut's 1st congressional district, will introduce 'The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Infrastructure for America Act of 2012' when Congress resturns in September, while Senator Blumenthal will introduce a companion. 
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Ballard Power Gets Purchase Orders For 102 Fuel Cell Power Generation Systems
August 17, 2012
Ballard Power Systems has received purchase orders for 102 fuel cell power generation systems to be delivered to the company's new Southeast Asian distributor, Cascadiant Inc.  The Systems will be deployed in the networks of two wireless telecom customers in Indonesia, to provide reliable and cost-effective backup power in the event of grid outages.
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ENrG Receives New Energy Symposium Cleantech Award
August 14, 2012
ENrG Inc. recently announced it received one of three $1,500 awards for its "Ultrathin Ceramic Membrane" presentation at the Seventh Annual New Energy Symposium in New York, NY.  The company emphasized the value proposition for customers and investors through high-volume market applications such as gas sensors, integrated solar cells and rapid start-up heaters.
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New Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts Catalog from Alfa Aesar
August 9, 2012
A new Precious Metal Compounds and Catalyst catalog is now available from Alfa Aesar.  This new 86-page publication lists a full range of precious metals, chemicals, and catalysts.  The catalog also offers proprietary Johnson Matthey product lines, such as the HiSPEC line of precious metal catalysts for fuel cell research.
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U.S. Senators Re-Launch Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus
July 28, 2012
This caucus will promote the continued development and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the United States. The senators hosted the briefing to educate the public about the value of these clean energy technologies which have helped to create 11,000 jobs in the United States -and to invite innovative ideas to advance the industry.
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Plug Power Sells 72 fuel-cell systems to Mercedes Benz
July 18, 2012
Plug Power Inc. says Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Inc. has purchased 72 hydrogen fuel-cell units to power electric lift trucks in its Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant. Plug Power’s GenDrive units will replace lead-acid batteries. Air Products will supply the hydrogen stations that are used to refuel the Plug Power systems.
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Hydrogen Energy Startup H2Sonics Raises $900K
July 9, 2012
Glastonbury, Connecticut Startup H2Sonics LLC has raised the first $900,000 of an open-ended round of financing, according to federal filings.  The funding comes from six investors who are not named.
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Saint Francis Running On New Fuel Cells
June 26, 2012
Saint Francis Care has added fuel cell systems made by UTC Power at its main campus in Hartford's Asylum Hill, and at its Mount Sinai campus.The systems will provide heating, cooling, and power generation for the two sites, UTC Power, a unit of United Technologies, announced Tuesday, jointly with Saint Francis.
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Site Preparation Underway at Toyota for 1-Megawatt CLEARgen Fuel Cell System
June 18, 2012
Site preparation has commenced for the installation of a Ballard supplied 1-megawatt (MW) fuel cell generator at the Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) sales and marketing headquarters campus in Torrance, California.
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Ballard Steers Away from Cars Towards Forklifts in Hunt for Profit
June 11, 2012
Ballard is on the cusp of profitability, buoyed in large part by its success in powering forklifts.  Forklifts offered the opportunity for immediate commercial application of Ballard's technology, as opposed to waiting for the day it could work in cars - which likely is still years away.  The company abandoned its car dreams in 2007 when it sold its fuel cell assets to automotive giants Ford and Daimlet, which owned a 32 percent stake in the company.
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Improved Fuel Cell Installed At Glacier Exit
June 7, 2012
Technicians were busy last week installing a brand new fuel cell at the Exit Glacier Nature Center in Kenai Fjords National Park. The fuel cell, which runs off of propane, will provide 1 kilowatt of power for all of the center’s electrical needs including lights, outlets and other basic appliances.
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Proton OnSite Achieves Milestone in Hydrogen Electrolyser Technology for Refuelling of Fuel Cell Vehicles
June 1, 2012
Proton Onsite has announced that its latest project with the US Department of Energy (DOE) has yielded a proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser stack that can produce hydrogen gas at the pressure required to fuel a vehicle, without the need for a compressor.
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FuelCell Energy Verges on Profit with Natural Gas at 10-Year Low
May 23, 2012
FuelCell Energy Inc. may be the first company to turn a profit producing systems that generate power chemically from natural gas, as the fuel's historic price plunge drives sales.
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WCSU Installing Fuel Cell to Power Science Building
May 17, 2012
UTC Power is to build a 400 kW fuel cell power plant to supply heat and electricity to Western Connecticut State University’s new science building. Due to the fuel cell’s clean and silent operation it can be sited on the campus and will be installed very close to the science building. UTC Power will own, operate and maintain the fuel cell power plant and WCSU has agreed to buy the energy it provides.
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Major Brands Sign Up for Fuel Cells
May 16, 2012
Plug Power Inc has named major brand name firms Mercedes-Benz, Lowe’s, Stihl and Ikea as signing up to use its GenDrive fuel cell systems to power forklifts in manufacturing and warehouse facilities.
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Secrets of the First Practical Artificial Leaf
May 9, 2012
A detailed description of development of the first practical artificial leaf -- a milestone in the drive for sustainable energy that mimics the process, photosynthesis, that green plants use to convert water and sunlight into energy -- appears in the ACS journal Accounts of Chemical Research. The article notes that unlike earlier devices, which used costly ingredients, the new device is made from inexpensive materials and employs low-cost engineering and manufacturing processes.
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New Program Aims to Increase Energy Efficiency of Buildings
April 25, 2012
In support of the Christie Administrations commitment to a greener and more affordable use, management and development of energy in the state, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) today launched the Large Scale Combined Heat and Power (CHP)/Fuel Cell Program. This competitive grant program was created to support CHP and standalone fuel cell projects serving commercial, institutional and industrial customers in New Jersey.
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Uconn to Unveil Fuel Cell
April 25, 2012
The fuel cell will provide electricity, heat, and cooling to UConn research labs and offices, including those working on advancing fuel cell technology. The new fuel cell, made possible through a $1 million federal stimulus grant from Connecticut's Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, will allow UConn to see a net reduction of 600,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year.
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Connecticut to Receive New Fuel Cell Bus Under USDOT Grant
April 10, 2012
The fuel cells are produced by UTC Power, a division of United Technologies of Hartford. The new bus, which is manufactured by New Flyer Industries of St. Cloud, Minnesota, is expected to be in service by the end of 2013 and will have a smaller, lighter and more powerful fuel cell than the earlier models. The success of this new generation bus should boost the potential for zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell power plants for transit systems throughout the United States, since the smaller power plant will now allow fuel cells to be installed in domestically-manufactured buses that are compliant with the Federal Transit Administration's Buy America rules. CTTransit currently operates five fuel cell powered buses and is in the process of procurring a sixth. This grant will bring to seven the number of fuel cell buses operated by CTTransit by the end of 2013 and would make Connecticut's fleet the second-largest in the country.
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Hydrogen Fuel Cells: More Efficient, Cleaner and Cooler Energy!
March 30, 2012
Sathya Motupally, chemical engineer and Engineering Manager at UTC Power, is spotlighted in the latest issue of Science Matters!, a News in Education literacy program sent bimonthly to students from grades 5-9, to discuss the importance of Hydrogen Fuel Cells.
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Schumer Calling for Restoration of Fuel Cell Funds
March 26, 2012
The Delphi Technical Center in Henrietta, NY is on track to lose federal funding for a project that would build the first commercially available mobile solid oxide fuel cell power source in the United States. U.S. Senator Charles Schumer makes a stop in Henrietta Monday to announce his effort to restore the federal funds in order for Delphi to be able to complete the project.
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Energy Department Announces up to $10 million to Promote Zero Emission Cargo Transport Vehicles
March 20, 2012
Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced up to $10 million available this year to demonstrate and deploy electric transportation technologies for cargo vehicles, such as trucks and forklifts. The Energy Department's support for the development and demonstration of innovative alternative vehicle technologies is helping to reduce the nation's reliance on gasoline and diesel and diversifying our nation's energy portfolio. The Administration's investments in advanced vehicles are part of a comprehensive strategy to cut America's oil imports, develop clean alternative fuel vehicles, and help protect American families and businessess from spikes in oil prices.
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$109 Billion Transportation Bill Wins Senate OK as Deadline Draws Near
March 15, 2012
The Senate on Wednesday approved a two-year blueprint for transportation that gives states greater spending flexibility, allows the federal government to set minimum safety standards for subway systems and buys time to find a solution for a funding system teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.
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RIM Awarded Patent for Placing Fuel Cell Behind Keypad
March 14, 2012
A mobile device having: a keyboard; a printed circuit board having at least one contact responsive to the keyboard; and a fuel cell assembly having: a fuel cell located between the keyboard and the printed circuit board, the fuel cell having a membrane and at least one aperture corresponding with the at least one contact; a tank adapted to store a fuel for the fuel cell; and piping connecting the tank with the fuel cell, where the fuel cell ventilates through the keyboard. Alternatively, the fuel cell acts as the printed circuit board and at least one contact for the keyboard is printed onto the fuel cell.
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Department of Defense Requests Renewable Energy Industry Guidance for Power Purchase Agreements
March 8, 2012
On February 24, 2012, the U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center (Army) released a Request for Information (RFI) soliciting comments (due March 23, 2012) on its draft Request for Proposals (RFP). In the RFP, the Army seeks the procurement of $7 billion in energy produced from renewable and alternative sources for Army installations for up to 30 years.
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CT TRANSIT Purchases Fuel Cell Heat and Power Systems From UTC Power
Feb. 29, 2012
CT TRANSIT, which currently operates five buses powered by UTC Power PureCell stationary fuel cell systems for combined heat and power generation at its headquarters in Hartford, CT. "CT TRANSIT will be the UTC Power customer to use both our transportation and stationary products," said Joe Tiompo, VP and General Manger of UTC Power.
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Energy Department and Department of Commerce Announce $1.3 Million for Clean Energy Workforce
Feb. 16, 2012
As part of the President's blueprint for an American economy built to last, the Energy Department and the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program have announced up to $1.3 million for training programs to provide commercial building professionals with critical skills needed to optimize building efficiency, reduce waste, and save money. By offering valuable workforce training, these programs will help to reach the Better Building Initiative goal of improving energy efficiency nationwide in commercial and industrial buildings by 20 percent by 2020, reducing energy costs by nearly $40 billion and creating American jobs.
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Coca-Cola Officially Unveils its Fuel Cell Forklift Fleet
Feb. 10, 2012
Coca-Cola will unveil its fleet of 37 fuel cell forklifts and 19 fuel cell pallet jacks at its San Leandro bottling plant at a 'green ribbon-cutting' ceremony today. Plug Power has supplied the GenDrive fuel cells, which are designed as frop-in replacements for the lead-acid batteries used in electric lift trucks. They can be refuelled in minutes with hydrogen (supplied at the site by Air Liquide), providing much faster turnaround with a lower infrastructrue requirement than battery charging.
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Watt Fuel Cell Corp. Raises $2.9 Million in VC
Feb. 8, 2012
Watt Fuel Cell, a developer of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems, has raised $2.9 million in venture capital, while planning to eventually raise a total of $8 million in the deal. Watt Fuel cell recently commenced operations and is building a pilot production line and has recently set up the fuel cell processing equipment and operations within the Port Washington facility. The location also offers expansion capabilities to fill the entire building of 33,000 square feet, according to the company.
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Energy Department to Launch New Energy Innovation Hub Focused on Advanced Batteries and Energy Storage
Feb. 7, 2012
U.S Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced today plans to launch a new Energy Innovation Hub for advanced research on batteries and energy storage with an investment of up to $120 million over five years. The hub, which will be funded at up to $20 million in fiscal year 2012, will focus on accelerating research and development of electrochemical energy storage for transportation and the electric grid. The interdisciplinary research and development throught the new Energy Innovation Hub will help advance cutting-edge energy storage and battery technologies that can be used to improve the reliability and the efficiency of the electrical grid, to better integrate clean, renewable energy technologies as part of the electrical system, and for use in electric and hybrid vehicles that will reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil.
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A Hydrogen Fueling Station Powered By The Wind
Feb. 3, 2012
The town of Hempstead, N.Y., on Long Island erected a 121-foot-tall turbine last December on the township's Department of Conservation and Waterways land to take advantage of powerful Atlantic winds and power the hydrogen and natural gas fueling station it built in 2009. The turbine can generat up to 180 megawatts of poer per year, and present an estimated hydrogen fuel and energy cost savings of $40,000 per year.
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State Policies Support for Fuel Cells
Feb. 1, 2012
"It was a banner year for fuel cells in the U.S.," said Jennifer Gangi, Program Director of Fuel Cell 2000. "In addition to a long list of supportive policies, we saw large purchases by well-know corporations, more fuel cell cars and buses operating on America's roadways, and first-hand anecdotes of fuel cells generating power during hurricanes and snow storms when grid power failed. This performance in the field is justifying the investment that governments are making in fuel cells and hydrogen."
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UTC PureCell System Lands at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center's Mount Sinai Campus
Jan. 31, 2012
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center received a UTC Power PureCell Model 400 system on Friday, Jan. 27, 2012. The system will provide clean, reliable on-site power at the St. Francis Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital Campus on Blue Hills Avenue in Hartford. The fuel cell from UTC Power will provide 400 kW of clean, reliable power to Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, serving nearly half of the building's electrical needs.
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Toyota Advances Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plans Amid Industry's Battery-Car Push
Jan. 13, 2012
Toyota, which also aims to sell plug-in hybrid and battery-only autos in 2012, is overcoming the cost and technical hurdles that have kept hydrogen fuel-cell cars from being sold to retail customers, said Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota's executive vice president for research and product development. The carmaker has cut the cost to make hydrogen models less than $100,000 and aims to halve that price by the time sales begin.
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Walmart Saves Through Fuel Cells
Jan. 11, 2012
Walmart Canada Corp projects major productivity savings offsetting its investment in a fleet of Crown Equipment Corp PC4500 pallet trucks utilising Plug Power Inc GenDrive-brand hydrogen fuel cells. Andrew Ellis, Walmart Canada senior vice president of supply chain and logistics, addressed the subject in his 6 December remarks during the World Trade Group Ltd’s three-day ninth annual Supply Chain and Logistics Summit North America in Dallas, Texas, United States. Ellis says the materials handling equipment for a new distribution centre in Balzac cost USD $693,000 more than pallet trucks with battery power systems, but that annual operational savings of USD $269,000 are anticipated. Ellis says total savings in energy costs for Balzac operations may reach USD $4.8 million by 2015.
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Fuel Cell Buses Becoming One Popular Ride
Jan. 10, 2012
"In recent months, major purchases and significant milestones are helping to speed fuel cell buses into the spotlight and onto the roadway. UTC Power's latest generation PureMotion System Model 120 fuel cell power plant for hybrid-electric transit buses surpassed 10,000 operating hours in real-world service with its original cell stacks and no cell replacements. The fuel cell system is aboard an Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) bus operating in the Greater Oakland, California, area."
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Pepsi Beverages Company Fleet Adds Hydrogen-Injected Trucks
Jan 6, 2012
With more than 10,000 vehicles on the road, including both transport and delivery vehicles, Pepsi Beverages Company started purchasing hydrogen-injected trucks in 2009, with an initial purchase of 21 units. The company now operates more than 140 hydrogen-injected vehicles on the road today, with more on order throughout the remainder of 2011. PBC is PepsiCo's beverage manufacturing, sales, and distribution operating unit in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. It handles approximately 75 percent of PepsiCo's North American beverage volume. Headquartered in Westchester, N.Y., the company employs approximately 70,000 people.
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Fuel Cells Prove to Be Intelligent Alternative Energy Source for Large-Scale Utilities
Dec. 23, 2011
Fuel cells are proving to be an intelligent alternative energy source for utilities and building applications. Fuel cells have become a natural choice for large-scale utility power generation and distributed heat and power for large-scale building applications to increase the capacity of clean power generation within their network. It's expected that fuel cell adoption will continue to grow as a choice of an alternative energy source as more users learn about their proven and demonstrated benefits.
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In U.S., Hydrogen Cars May Line Up With Few Places to Fill Up
Dec. 6, 2011
General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Daimler have all publicly committed to bringing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market beginning in 2015. These zero-emissions vehicles will be able to travel 300- 400 miles on a tank of hydrogen and can be refueled in about the same time as a gasoline or diesel powered car. Now the auto manufacturers are concerned about the lack of publicly available hydrogen refueling stations in the major world markets. The governments of Japan, Germany and South Korea are all committing resources to the construction of substantial hydrogen refueling station networks online within the next 2-3 years. Commitment to the construction of public hydrogen refueling stations in the US and will likely impact vehicle rollout plans in the US. California has committed to having a network of 30 public hydrogen refueling stations available by 2015.
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Take State’s Fuel Cell Expertise to the Next Level
Dec. 4, 2011
Connecticut State Representative, Gary D. LeBeau and John Harrity of Grow Jobs Connecticut recommend the state seriously consider installing fuel cell systems to support emergency preparedness in the state. A fuel cell system at the South Windsor High School keep lights and the heat on allowing it to provide emergency shelter to 200 people and feed some 600 during the October snow storm that knocked out power to more the 831,000 customers. The article also highlights the positive economic benefits of fuel cell deployment as more the fuel cell and hydrogen industry generates more than 3,300 jobs in Connecticut.
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Fuel Cell Technology's Coming Of Age
Dec. 2, 2011
In years past fuel cells were only considered viable alternatives for off-grid applications due cost and reliability issues. Today companies such as FuelCell Energy of Danbury, CT are manufacturing fuel cells that are used to support grid reliability.
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Fuel Cell System Saves the Day in Connecticut in Wake of Winter Storm Alfred
Dec. 1, 2011
Storm Alfred tore through Connecticut in October leaving more than 831,000 customers without lights and heat, some for more than a week. Fortunately some high schools in the region had fuel cell systems. These combined heat and power systems, produced locally by UTC Power of South Windsor, CT, kept the lights on and the heat running in the schools which also serve as emergency shelters.
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Environmental school professor sports green ride
Nov. 30, 2011
Students and faculty at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies can see the future of automobiles in their own parking lot thanks to Marian Chertow, associate professor of industrial management. Marian is driving a Toyota Highlander FCV-adv, an advanced fuel cell hybrid powered by hydrogen. The Highlander SUV has a driving range Marian refuels the at the Sun Hydro refueling station in Wallingford, CT. The hydrogen generating equipment for this station is manufactured at Proton Onsite also located in Wallingford. The only emission from this advanced vehicle is water vapor.
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Nissan Release Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle by 2015
Nov. 30, 2011
Japanese automaker Nissan announced its plans to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to market in 2015. The company’s new third generation fuel cell stack has 250% more capacity, weighs less than half and uses less than one-sixth the platinum. Nissan is targeting sales of 1.5 million zero emissions vehicles by 2016 but needs the US to make sure the hydrogen refueling infrastructure is in place to support the vehicles.
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New Projects Confirm Germany’s Role in Energy Storage Segment
Nov. 25, 2011
Germany's status as a leading market for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies is reinforced by two new developments coming out of this week’s International Renewable Energy Storage Conference. German energy company Eon announced plans for a new project in Brandenburg to store excess energy from its renewable wind and solar generating sources as hydrogen in its natural gas system. In addition Canadian based fuel cell manufacturer, Ballard Power Systems announce the opening of its new European headquarters in Hurth, Germany, near Cologne.
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Santa’s warehouse workers go green with fuel cells
Nov. 23, 2011
Big, well known, companies like Coca-Cola, FedEx and Walmart are switching from battery powered forklifts to fuel cell powered forklifts that run on hydrogen. Most of the fuel cell power systems for these forklifts are being manufactured by Latham, NY based Plug Power Inc. The companies are switching to the fuel cell powered forklifts because they boost warehouse productivity; lower operating costs and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
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CSA International upgrades Independence lab to test hydrogen-powered car components
Nov. 23, 2011
CSA has upgraded their Independence, OH testing lab to support the market launch of hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles in 2015. General Motors, Toyota, Honda and others have all recently announced plan for market production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the US, Europe and Asia starting in 2015.
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Rochester startup wins grant to develop cheaper fuel cell
Nov. 23, 2011
The New York State Research and Development Authority awarded Solid Cell, Inc. a $200,000 grant to assist the company with commercialization of a low cost fuel cell system. Solid Cell is working to secure private investment and plans to hire 10 more employees to support its development and commercialization efforts.
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Oslo opens new hydrogen station, as fuel cell car fleet grows to 17 vehicles
Nov. 22, 2011
The stations is billed as the first totally emissions free station in Europe. The station electrolyzes water on-site to produce hydrogen and uses emissions free, hydro power to operate the electrolyzer. This is the third hydrogen refueling station to be opened in Norway and is part of the H2moves Scandinavia project and the larger European Union’s Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking to develop hydrogen refueling infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles throughout Europe in time for the 2014-2015 global market launch of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by automakers such as Daimler, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and General Motors. The H2moves Scandinavia project currently has a budget of €20 million or about $30 million US to develop hydrogen infrastructure in the Scandinavian countries.
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Green technology ‘blighted’ by lack of infrastructure
Nov. 22, 2011
EU policy maker and automakers discuss the need for public-private partnerships to develop the public hydrogen refueling stations needed to support the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2014. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle are zero emissions vehicle that could enable to EU commission to meet its transport emissions reduction targets.
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In Japan, Fuel Cells offer Employment and Economic Hope
Nov. 22, 2011
In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japanese companies are investing in clean energy technologies like solar and fuel cell systems to meet the country’s needs for energy independence and to provide economic and job growth.
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Grid Problems Boost Fuel Cell Market
Nov. 21, 2011
Fuel cells systems proved their worth in recent storm related electric grid outage in Connecticut and New York. Telecommunications companies affected by the outages were able to maintain cell tower sites using their backup fuel cell power systems. Grocery stores were able to avoid thousands of dollars in losses by prevent food spoilage using their fuel cell power systems.
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CT: Lieberman, Blumenthal, Delauro Announce More Than $5M for Fuel Cell
Nov. 18, 2011
Connecticut Senators Joe Lieberman and Richard Blumenthal and Representative Rosa DeLuaro announced a $5 million grant award to the Connecticut Transit New Haven Division for the installation of a stationary fuel cell system. Connecticut Transit won the award from the Federal Transit Administration’s Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction program.
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Agritechnica 2011: NH Unveils hydrogen tractor
Nov. 18, 2011
Pennsylvania based New Holland unveiled its second generation hydrogen fuel cell tractor at the Agritechnica 2011 held this week in Hanover, Germany. According to the export.gov website, Agritechnica is the world’s largest trade show for the agricultural machinery industry.
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Toyota FCV-R hydrogen fuel cell sedan production to commence by 2015
Nov. 16, 2011
Toyota Motor Cars plans to unveil its latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the FCR-R at the Tokyo Motor Show which begins November 30th.
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South Korea Open World’s Biggest Fuel Cell Park
Nov. 15, 2011
An 11.2 MW fuel cell powered electric generating facility went online in Daegu City, South Korea this month making it the biggest fuel cell installation in the world. According to POSCO Power’s Taehyoung Kim, adding multi-megawatt fuel cell generating system systems to the grid increase electric power reliability and security. The four fuel cell power systems installed at the Daegu City fuel cell park were manufactured in Connecticut by Fuel Cell Energy.
Read the IEEE Spectrum Article

Plug Power, Air Liquide to develop European market for hydrogen fuel cell forklifts
Nov. 14, 2011
New York based Plug Power is partnering with Axane, the fuel cell subsidiary of Air Liquide in France, to pursue the growing European materials handling equipment market for hydrogen fuel cell power systems. The joint-venture enables Plug to expand its work with current global customer such as Walmart and Coca-Cola and to pursue new customers in Europe for its GenDrive fuel cell power systems. Air Liquide is a leading global supplier of hydrogen and has been working with Plug to provide GenDrive systems and hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California and Alberta, Canada.
Read the renewable energy focus Article

SunLine’s new first-of-its-kind bus ready to go
Nov. 14, 2011
SunLine Transit of Thousand Palms, CA unveiled its latest zero-emissions transit bus. The 40 foot, American Fuel Cell Bus is powered by a Ballard Power Systems FC-velocity® – HD6 fuel cell manufactured in Lowell, MA.
Read The Desert Sun Article at FuelCellWorks

Fuel cells ‘technology of choice’ to power US military drones
Nov. 9, 2011
A US DoD report released in October recommends that the US military require fuel cell systems to be considered for stationary power and material handling applications at US military bases and for use in unmanned vehicles.
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Will storm provide impetus for rethinking the power grid?
Nov. 4, 2011
Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is looking at adding more distributed or on-site power generation options after the prolonged electricity outage experience following hurricane Irene in August and winter snow storm Alfred in October. Distributed generation technologies include solar, wind and fuel cell systems. Connecticut is home to two of the world’s leading fuel cell system manufacturer’s FuelCell Energy and UTC Power.
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Hyundai FCV Ready to Roll
Nov. 4, 2011
South Korean automaker Hyundai announced that it will begin small scale production of its hydrogen fuel cell ix35 crossover/ utility vehicle. The company plans to manufacture approximately 1000 ix35 fuel cell vehicles in the 2012 to 2014 timeframe and to ramp up to a production level of 10,000 units for 2015. The company is targeting a selling price of approximately $50,000 for this zero emission vehicle. Some portion of the first 1000 production units will be available for lease in the United States.
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Kia’s alternative green fuel developments
Oct. 31, 2011
Kia Motors plans to have fuel cell vehicles in show rooms for the 2015 model year. The company is betting on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to fill the market demand for zero emission, long-distance driving vehicles.
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Plug Power hiring 50, investing $9.4M in supplies
Oct. 31, 2011
The CEO of Plug Power, a New York based manufacture, announced plans to hire 50 employees and invest $9.4 million in manufacturing supplies to meet the growing sales demand for the company’s products. Plug Power manufactures hydrogen fuel cell power systems for materials handling equipment e.g. fork lifts.
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Fuel cells recommended for US military installation
Oct. 26, 2011
A new US Department of Defense report recommends wide-scale use of fuel cell power systems for distributed power, backup power, materials handling, ground support and unmanned vehicles.
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Apple Applies for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Patents
Oct. 24, 2011
The US Patent office published two patent applications for fuel cells to power portable electronic devices from electronics innovator, Apple.
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Plug Power Inc. Ranked as Fast Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2011 Technology Fast 500™
Oct. 20, 2011
According to Mark Jensen, managing partner of technology and venture capital services at Deloitte & Touche LLP, Plug was selected as one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America for it excellence in innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth.
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Hydrogen Storage-Fuel Cell System to Smooth Out Intermittent Wind Power in Germany
Oct. 12, 2011
City officials in Herten, Germany have given a contract to Hydrogenics to supply a Hystat 30 hydrogen electrolyzer and storage system and a HyPM 50 kilowatt fuel cell. The electrolyzer will transform excess wind power into hydrogen that will be stored for use with the fuel cell to balance intermittent power production at the North Rhine Westphalia wind farm.
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Logistics news: Fuel-Cell Powered Lift Trucks Starting to Make an Impact in Distribution Centers
Oct. 6, 2011
Leading lift truck manufacturers are now delivering hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles to market. Crown Equipment Corporation for example recently announced the sale of its 500th fuel-cell powered fork lift. These vehicles help distribution companies improve operating efficiency and support company sustainability goals.
Read the SupplyChain Digest Article

Hydrogen-powered H2EV car launched in Coventry
Oct. 3, 2011
Microcab to supply a fleet of hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles to the Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrator project in the West Midlands. The hydrogen infrastructure development of the West Midlands was a key factor in the rollout location decision.
Read the BBC Article

GM Show off Fuel Cell Cars
Oct. 2, 2011
General Motors hosted an open house at its Honeoye Fall New York facility to give the public a chance to see and drive its Chevy Equinox fuel cell vehicle.
Read the ABC Article and View the Video

‘Artificial leaf’ makes real fuel
Sept. 30, 2011
The artificial leaf, developed by Massachusetts based Sun Catalytix, is a direct solar hydrogen generator. According to Steven Reece, research scientist and company co-founder, the silicon solar cell contains catalytic materials that turn sun light into hydrogen when the device is submerged in water. The device is made of abundant and inexpensive materials such as silicon, cobalt and nickel and works in ordinary water.
Read the MSNBC Article

Is hydrogen the future of motoring?
Sept. 20, 2011
The first public hydrogen filling station in the United Kingdom opened today in Swindon just off the M4 motorway. This station was built through a public-private partnership between Honda Motor, BOC a UK based industrial gas supplier and Forward Swindon, an economic development organization for the town of Swindon. This station is seen as a significant step in the United Kingdom’s plans to make hydrogen vehicles a viable alternative to gasoline and diesel cars.
Read the BBC Article

Hyundai to ditch EVs, focus on plug-in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell cars
Sept. 20, 2011
According to Yang Woong-chul, Head of Research and Development of Hyundai Motors, the company will focus on the development of plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Mr. Yang sites the driving range, and refueling advantages of fuel cell vehicles over battery electric vehicle, as well as, battery technology limitation and electric infrastructure costs as the reasons for the company’s decision.
Read the CARADVICE Article

Interview With The President And CEO: Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) - Andy Marsh
Sept. 19, 2011
Andy Marsh the President and CEO of Plug Power discusses the company’s recent successes in product commercialization, sales and raising investment capital. Plug Power sold a record 1200 of its GenDrive fuel cell system is the first half of 2011 into the $4 billion North Americans materials handling equipment power market. The company is planning an expansion into the $20 billion Asian market in the near future. The company has recently secured $20 million in investments, as well as, a $7 million line of credit to support operation and expansion plans.
Read the Yahoo Finance Article

Fuel cell generator for homes takes off
Sept. 17, 2011
Toho Gas, a natural gas distribution company based in Nagoya, Japan, announced the sale of its 1000th Ene-Farm System. The Ene-Farm is a fuel cell system that uses natural gas or propane to generate electricity, heat and hot water for household use. System sales have been brisk since the March 11th Great East Earthquake. The systems cost approximately ¥3 million or just over $39 thousand, the Japanese government has been offering an incentive program that pays for roughly one-third of the initial purchase and installation costs. Toho is pushing to get the price below ¥1 million which is equivalent to $13,000 or about twice the cost of a traditional natural gas boiler system which can only be used to generate household heat and hot water. The Ene-Farm systems are manufactured by Panasonic in Kusatsu, where they also make systems for another 7 gas distribution companies. Panasonic expects to sell more than 6,000 residential fuel cell systems in Japan this year.
Read the Japan Times Article

The Honda FCX Clarity At The World Hydrogen Technologies Conference
Sept. 15, 2011
Honda Motors brought its hydrogen fuel cell powered FCX Clarity sedan to the World Hydrogen Technologies Conference; where more than 150 clean energy experts gathered for the week to discuss the future. The Clarity sedan is designed to accommodate four adults with luggage; has a top speed of just over 100 miles per hour, can travel 288 miles on a tank of hydrogen and can be refueled in less than four minutes. The only tailpipe emission from the Honda FCX Clarity is water vapor.
Read the CarPages Article

Can fuel cells minimize power outage impacts?
Sept. 15, 2011
Power outages continue to make headlines in 2011. One winter storms brought down power lines and caused power outages for an estimated two-thirds of the country as it swept from the Midwest to the Northeast in late January. Spring tornadoes caused numerous power outages across the U.S. leaving hospitals, business, military bases, schools and homes all without power. Then hurricane/tropical storm Irene hit the east coast in late August putting as many as 9.4 million customers in the dark, some for as long as a week. Most recently a simple human error caused wide spread outages as the electric distribution grid serving southern California, Arizona and Mexico causing sewage to overflow into water ways, shutting down airports and train services. In some cases fuel cell, distributed generation, systems helped keep critical services up and running. These systems use natural gas to generate electricity onsite to power supermarkets, hospitals and other business and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Read the Fierce Energy Article

First look: Lilliputian Systems’ pocket-sized fuel cell for recharging portable electronics
Sept. 13, 2011
Good news for the road warrior and the outdoor enthusiast. Boston based Lilliputian Systems has developed a pocket-sized recharging system for portable electronics that will make them truly wireless. The fuel cell generator runs on butane, better known as lighter fluid.
Read the Boston Globe Article

San Diego Bartender Defies Power Blackout
Sept. 10, 2011
Businesses with backup power actually benefited from the massive San Diego Gas and Electric blackout in southern California last week. One resourceful bartender siphoned gasoline out of his car to run a gasoline powered generator and keep the bar open when his competitors when dark. An Albertson’s supermarket was able to remain open and keep everything cool because it owns and operates a UTC Power 400kW fuel cell.
Read the Bloomberg Article

UTC Power Fuel Cell to Serve UConn’s Depot Campus
Sept. 7, 2011
The University of Connecticut announces the installation of a 400 KW capacity, UTC PureCell® fuel cell system to generate clean, efficient and reliable energy for the Depot Campus. The project is part of UCONNs sustainable energy commitment and supports it plans to reduce its carbon footprint.
Read the UCONN Today Article

Distributed generation kept lights on after Irene
Sept. 6, 2011
Connecticut businesses such as Whole Foods Market in Glastonbury, Frito Lay in Killingly and Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, have installed distributed energy systems such as fuel cell, solar and wind system over the last decade. These businesses minimized operating losses and were able to open business after tropical storm Irene much sooner than other businesses in the state.
Read the Hartford Business Journal Article

Officials Call for Federal Clean Energy Standards
Aug. 31, 2011
Energy Secretary Steven Chu addressed government and industry leaders at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. Secretary Chu called for the creation of a clean energy development agency and a federal clean energy standard.
Read the KQED News Article

Calif. Welcomes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Station
Aug. 30, 2011
The Orange County waste water treatment plant unveiled a fuel cell and hydrogen energy station this month. The fuel cell converts the biogas from the waste water into electricity, heat and hydrogen. The electricity and heat are used to power the waste water treatment facility, the hydrogen is used a refueling station for hydrogen powered vehicles. The hydrogen refueling station can refuel up to 50 fuel-cell electric vehicles per day. FuelCell Energy Inc., Air Products & Chemicals Inc. and the National Fuel Cell Research Center developed implemented the overall system and are working together to manage it.
Read the Green Fleet Article

Honda FCX Clarity debuts in UK at the EcoVelocity Show
Aug. 30, 2011
Honda brings its FCX Clarity, the world’s first production fuel cell electric vehicle, to the United Kingdom. This zero emissions car runs on hydrogen, has a driven range comparable to the world’s fossil fuel based, internal combustion vehicles, can be refueled just as quickly.
Read the Zigwheels Article

Hydrogen storage system developed to power boats
Aug. 30, 2011
The University of Birmingham completes successful testing of a zero emissions canal boat using a fuel cell and a new hydrogen storage system. The hydrogen storage system was developed by the Swiss research institute, Empa.
Read the EcoSeed Article

Will Germany Become First Nation with a Hydrogen Economy?
Aug. 25, 2011
Automaker Diamler and Linde technology group are partnering to build 20 new public hydrogen filling stations in Germany, making hydrogen refueling available for anyone wishing to drive a fuel cell electric vehicle anywhere in the country. "The time is ripe for electric vehicles powered by fuel cells, and we must now address the subject of the relevant infrastructure," said Dieter Zetsche, Daimler's chairman and the director of its Mercedes-Benz Cars unit. "Car drivers can only benefit from the advantages of technology if there are enough hydrogen filling stations available: long ranges, short refueling times and no local emissions."
Read the Scientific American Article

Fuel-Cell Startup ClearEdge Scores $73.5 Million From Investors
Aug. 23, 2011
ClearEdge Power, an Oregon based, fuel cell manufacture recently received $73.5 million in investment funding. The company products are designed to take advantage of the telecommunications, residential and small commercial distributed power generation markets. The funding package is significant for its size- one of the largest clean tech investments this year, as well as, the investors providing the funding- Artis Capital Management, Gussing Renewable Energy, Sempra Energy’s Southern California Gas Company and Kohlberg Ventures.
Read the Forbes Article

Hydrogen Fuel Cells—the Next Big Thing
Aug. 19, 2011
One New Jersey resident is making all the power they need for their home and making ~$25,000 a year selling electricity to the grid using solar panels with a regenerative fuel cell system. Civil engineer, Mike Stizki, captures solar energy to power his home and uses a regenerative fuel cell system to store excess solar energy as hydrogen. When the sun isn’t shining he uses the stored hydrogen in the fuel cell system to supply power.
Read the Smartmeters Article

Kia to Produce Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
Aug.19, 2011
Kia motors is preparing its factories to produce fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) beginning in 2014. The company has submitted prototypes of its Borrego fuel cell electric vehicle to the US National Renewable Energy Lab for testing. The SUV-sized Borrego runs on compressed hydrogen with a fuel efficiency of 59 mpg and has a 466 mile driving range.
Read the IBTimes Article

DOE Awards $7 Million to Advance Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Storage Research
Aug. 10, 2011
DOE sponsors research to drive down the cost of hydrogen production and storage products and for fuel cell system for transportation and stationary power applications.
Read the Sustainable Business Article

Fuel Cell Powers Organic Farm, Winery
Aug. 7, 2011
Stone Edge, an organic vineyard and winery in Sonoma Valley, CA installs a 5 kilowatt fuel cell to save money on its electric bill and reduce its carbon footprint. The fuel cell system will provide energy for the operation’s irrigation system, maintain the fermentation-tank temperatures, and transfer wines from tanks to barrels and a host of other wine making operations. Other California wineries are also turning to fuel cells to provide onsite energy resources.
Read the Earth Techling Article

TTSI Plans 100 Zero Emission Truck Purchases
Aug. 2, 2011
Trucking firm Total Transportation Services Inc. plans to purchase 100 Tyrano™ hydrogen fuel cell-electric class 8 heavy duty trucks from Vision Motor Corp. The only emission from the Tyrano™ hydrogen fuel cell trucks is water vapor. The 100 truck TTSI purchase is valued at $27,000,000.
Read the Environmental Leader Article

UVic to launch new “green ship” using fuel cell technology
Aug. 2, 2011
The University of Victoria’s green transportation team and the University of British Columbia’s marine engineering and alternative power systems group announce project to launch new green ship. The green ship will be powered by electricity, hydrogen fuel cells and low emissions diesel. The green technologies will increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and allow the ship to be used for acoustically sensitive research. The project received $1.19 million from Western Economic Diversification Canada.
Read the Environmental Expert Article

Fuel cell makers eye data centers
Aug. 2, 2011
ClearEdge plans to launch a fuel cell line designed to meet the power requirements of data-center operators for 99.999% up-time. Telecom giant NNT plans to install five Bloom fuel cell power systems and last month AT&T announced plans to install 75 fuel cell systems at eleven of its facilities.
Read the Gigaom Article

Malloy discusses CT fuel cell expansion
July 28, 2011
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy meets with the Connecticut Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coalition to discuss the growth of the hydrogen and fuel cell industries. The governor was joined by Dan Esty, commissioner of the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection and Catherine Smith, commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development.
Read the Hartford Business Journal Article

Fuel Cell Container Feeder
July 28, 2011
Germanischer Lloyd Groups unveils their GL Zero fuel cell powered container ship in Hamburg, Germany. The container ship is designed for the Northern European feeder service market and will transport up to 1000 Tons of cargo. The ship will be by powered by ten 0.5 MW hydrogen fuel cells.
Read the Maritime Propulsion Article

Why I’m backing Fuel Cells
July 28, 2011
Business analyst sees hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as the largest ultimate contributor to transportation emissions reductions citing longer ranges, faster refueling and the lower energy storage cost of hydrogen compared to battery electric vehicles.
Read the BusinessGreen Article

Fuel Cell Industry Growing Again
July 27, 2011
The market for fuel cells is growing fairly rapidly thanks to purchases from leading businesses like Whole Foods, Coca Cola, AT&T and others.
Read the Reuters Article

Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Truck Starts First Test Hauling Port Cargo
July 27, 2011
The world’s first fuel cell electric Class 8 truck begins commercial service in California performing short haul service between the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles.
Read the Gazettes Article

Landfill Gas for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pilot Project in U.S.
July 27, 2011
BMW launches program to extract hydrogen from local landfill gas at its Spartanburg, S.C. plant.. The company plans to use the hydrogen inl its 100 fuel cell powered materials handling vehicles. The initial phase of the program is funded by the South Carolina Research Authority.
Read the Waste Management World Article

Departments of Energy, Defense Partner to Install Fuel Cell Backup Power Units at Eight Military Installations
July 19, 2011
The DoD will be installing backup power fuel cell systems at 18 military installations across the country. The two departments will evaluate units from different suppliers and make recommendations for product improvements.
Read the Energy.gov Article

US: Vision wins record hydrogen truck order
July 19, 2011
Total Transportation Services of California has awarded Vision Industries a $27 million contract to supply 100 Tyrano, hydrogen fuel cell, Class 8 heavy trucks.
Read the Automotive World Article

Fuel Cell and Microturbine Technology Gains International Acclaim
July 19, 2011
Investor interest rises in Fuel Cell and Microturbine technology businesses as oil prices surge.
Read the Market Watch Article

A look at the future of energy
July 19, 2011
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute showcased their capabilities in fuel cell research and development at their Center for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research in Troy, New York. Much of the research is focused on technologies to drive down the cost of fuel cells to accelerate commercial adoption.
Read the TimesUnion Article

SCTE-Tested Powering System Targets Enterprise Users
July 19, 2011
The Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers is testing power system that includes solar PV and a fuel cell to provide back-up power for telecommunication sites for up to 7 days. Telecommunications companies need such hardened energy systems in order to gain contracts with Tier 1 business services customers like banks.
Read the Communications Technology Article

Car companies bet on hydrogen being the future of road transportation
July 7, 2011
Hyundai unveiled its Blue2 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) recently in Korea. Hyundai and other automakers are planning to bring their FCEVs to market beginning in 2014.
Read the Metro Article

Water, water everywhere, it’s time to stop and think … about fuel cells
July 7, 2011
The market for fuel cells is growing fairly rapidly thanks to purchases from leading businesses like Whole Foods, Coca Cola, AT&T and others.
Read the Reuters Article

Airbus and German Aerospace Centre (DLR) perform research tests for fuel cell powered autonomous taxiing
July 6, 2011
Airbus is working with DLR to test fuel cells to provide power for ground taxiing in their A320. The company seeing fuel cell technology as key to achieving their ACARE 2020 goals of reducing CO2 emission by 50%, NOx emissions by 80%, and noise by 50% by 2020.
Read the WebWire Article

The New Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure: Filling Stations at Quick Lube Shops
July 6, 2011
The global automobile industry is planning the mass market introduction of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for 2014-2015. But where will owners of these vehicles fuel their cars and trucks? The Automotive Oil Change Association is talking with Sun Hydro and Proton Onsite about including Sun Hydro hydrogen fueling stations at its oil change and quick lube shops. The AOCA has 15,000 facilities in North America.
Read the Fast Company Article

Sprint seek improvements to South Glens Falls transmitter
July 6, 2011
Sprint seeks approval to add a fuel cell generator to their transmitter tower in South Glens Falls, NY.
Read more at PostStar

Hydrogenics Awarded Hydrogen Fueling Station in Germany
June 30, 2011
Hydrogenics Corporation has been awarded a contract to supply their HySTAT™-60 electrolyzer based hydrogen generating system for a vehicle fueling station in southern Germany. The system will use wind power to generate up to 130 kg of hydrogen per day from water. The company expects to deliver the system later this year.
Read the MSNBC Article

CommScope to Supply Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solution to SCTE
June 30, 2011
The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers will use a CommScope hydrogen fuel cell system to provide backup power for its Exton, PA data center. According to Jim Hughes, VP of Broadband Sales at CommScope, “The trend is underway within the cable industry to find innovative ways to improve the reliability and environmental impact of backup power solutions."
Read the SunHearald Article

Plug Power to Provide Kroger Co. With GenDrive Fuel Cell Solution
June 29, 2011
Kroger one of the largest US grocery retailer’s signs a deal to buy 161 Plug Power GenDrive® hydrogen fuel cells to power its materials handling equipment fleet of 4 sit down counter balanced fork trucks, 42 class-2 reach fork trucks and 115 class-3 pallet trucks.
Read the IEWY Article

State debuts new hydrogen bus
June 28, 2011
The Greater New Haven Transit District and unveils its new hybrid electric fuel cell bus. The hydrogen fuel cell bus demonstration project is funded through federal and state grants.
Watch the WTHN Video Report

Israeli wastewater-electricity startup uses microbial fuel cell
June 28, 2011
Connecticut based, General Electric invests in Emefcy, an Israeli company that has developed a fuel cell system that treats wastewater and produces electricity for the grid. The microbial fuel cell system, the Megawatter, relies on an ion-exchange membrane to generate hydrogen or electricity from the wastewater treatment by-products. According to GE, 2% of global power or 80,000 MW of electricity are used every year to process waste water, which results in 57 million tons of CO2. This system would produce electricity for the grid while treating the wastewater. The Emefcy system is targeted for use by the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries with an estimated market potential of $10 billion per year.
Read the D&WR Article

Tanka Precious Metals Record Shipment Volume of Fuel Cell Catalyst
June 28, 2011
Japan’s Tananka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. , a leading provider of fuel cell catalyst, posted new record shipment volumes of fuel cell catalyst for their FY2010 (April 2010- March 2011). The record volumes are thought to be driven by sales of fuel cell systems for homes and the active R&D of automakers for the planned 2015 mass market rollout of fuel cell vehicles.
Read the JNC Network Article

Hydrogen fuel cells versus battery-power: Which will reign supreme?
June 24, 2011
Daimler is betting on hydrogen fuel cells for passenger cars and heavy duty trucks. According to Dr. Thomas Weber, head of R&D for Mercedes-Benz, "There are serious limitations to the driving range you can ever expect from batteries. The hydrogen fuel cell provides zero-emissions driving over long distances with short refueling times…"
Read the Globe and Mail Article

Power-Generating Artificial Leaf Moves Closer to Reality
June 13, 2011
MIT group to develop a solar powered hydrogen generating system that mimics the natural separation of hydrogen from water that occurs during photosynthesis. The process relies on cobalt phosphate catalysts and silicon solar cells. The hydrogen separate could then be used in a fuel cell to generate electricity.
Read the Fast Company Article

Clean, Cheap Hydrogen Using Cobalt Catalyst
June 13, 2011
An MIT professor has published a paper on using a low cost cobalt catalyst for hydrogen production.
Read the Wired Article

High Hopes-And Obstacles-For Hydrogen Cars
June 13, 2011
Automakers are gearing up their production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for a 2015 mass-market rollout.
Read the CNBC Article

Bloom Energy breaks out to Delaware, scores huge utility deal
June 9, 2011
Bloom Energy signs preliminary agreement with Delmarva Power for 300 Bloom Boxes to provide 30 MW of power. The deal requires state regulatory approvals.
Read the Reuters Article

Fuel cell firm to locate in Newark, bringing up to 1,500 jobs
June 9, 2011
Bloom Energy to build manufacturing hub at abandoned Chrysler site in Newark.
Read The Community News Article

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Effort Gets a Boost in Albany
June 7, 2011
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles lined State Street in Albany, NY as automakers presented plans for manufacturing and rolling out these pollution free vehicles to the New York General Assembly. Assemblyman Joseph Morelle of Monroe County takes one of the General Motors hydrogen fuel cell cars for a spin.
Read the WGRZ Article and watch the Video

Reportlinker Adds Fuel Cell Industry Analysis
June 7, 2011
Reportlinker.com sittes recent rapid and sustainable growth in the global fuel cell markets as its reason for adding a Fuel Cell Industry Analysis.
Read the Business Wire Article

Lux Research Picks the Top Emerging Catalyst Companies
June 7, 2011
Lux Research has just released a report on the top emerging companies working to reduce the amount of platinum group metals required for catalysis products used by the fuel cell, automotive and hydrocarbon industries.
Read the Business Wire Article

Wartsila and Versa to jointly develop fuel cell technology
June 6, 2011
Versa Power Systems enters into an agreement with Wartsila to bring solid oxide fuel cell system solution to the commercial marine and distribute generation power markets.
Read the gCaptain Article

Canadian Fuel Cells to Power German Autos
June 6, 2011
Diamler and Ford working with Ballard Power Systems on fuel cell vehicles in Burnaby, BC.
Read the PR Newswire Article

Fuel cell shows worth in world circumnavigation
June 6, 2011
Mercedes-Benz celebrates the 125th anniversary of the modern automobile by demonstrating the market readiness of their fuel cell electric vehicles.
Read The Gazette Article.

Local GM Site tries to keep U.S. in fuel cell race
June 5, 2011
General Motors has 360 top scientists in Honeoye Falls, NY, locked in an international race with automotive companies in Japan, Germany and South Korean. These scientists are working to bring fuel cell vehicles to market.
Read the Democrat and Chronicle Article

Daimler, Linde Confirm Hydrogen Stations Tie-up
June 1, 2011
Daimler announces a deal with Linde to construct a network of hydrogen refueling stations for fuel cell vehicles.
Read the autoevolution Article

UTC to power Fairfield Whole Foods
June 1, 2011
Fairfield, CT Whole Foods Market to be powered by 400kW UTC Power PureCell® Fuel Cell System.
Read the Hartford Business Journal Article

Korean partner hands FuelCell $129M order
May 31, 2011
Pasco Power has awarded FuelCell Energy Inc. of Danbury, CT a $129M contract for fuel cell kits and related services.
Read the Hartford Business Journal Article

Coke Consolidated pioneers hydrogen fuel cell technology
June 22, 2011
Coca-Cola is the first beverage producer to use hydrogen and fuel cell technology to meet their materials handling energy needs. The company uses a fleet of 40 hydrogen powered, fuel cell forklifts to green their operation and improve business efficiency. All of the Coca Cola forklifts are power with Plug Power fuel cells.
Read the FoodBev.com Article

Mercedes-Benz Brining Mass-Produced Fuel Cell Cars to Market by 2014
June 22, 2011
According to Daimler CEO, Dieter Zetsche, the company is planning a high-volume model launch of a fuel cell vehicle for 2014-2015.
Read the Motor Authority Article

Airbus Works with Parker Aerospace on Fuel Cells to Power Planes
June 20, 2011
Airbus SAS and Parker Aerospace, a division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, are working to integrate fuel cells into the next generation of Airbus aircraft.
Read the Bloomberg Article

Hydrogen in the air: electric aircraft
June 20, 2011
Airbus to test and validate new hydrogen storage tanks on its A320. The aerospace industry is working on ways to use hydrogen fuel cell systems to provide auxiliary power to start aircraft jet engines on the ground and to power many on-board electrical support services, such as anti-icing systems for the wings and control surfaces, avionics, lighting, and entertainment systems, as well as, the air conditioning and heating systems. Using hydrogen fuel cells to provide the electrical power for these systems could substantially reduce the aircraft industry’s use of fossil fuels.
Read the Engineer Article

Fuel Cells to Meet Energy Needs at Coca-Cola
June 19, 2011
Coca-Cola's bottling plant on Main Street unveiled its new fuel cells on Friday morning — the result of a collaboration between the beverage company, UTC Power, the town of East Hartford and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.
Read the Hartford Courant Article

UK government invests to accelerate introduction of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies
June 17, 2011
The UK government budgets £7.5 million (~$12.1 million) for a hydrogen and fuel cell transportation infrastructure demonstration program. According to the Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Baker, "Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are at the forefront of new energy solutions, which will dramatically cut emissions from transportation…"
Read the Renewable Energy focus.com News Article

Global fuel cell market test fleet reaches two million test miles
June 17, 2011
GM’s global test fleet reaches its second millionth mile mark with an Opel HydroGen4 fuel cell demonstration vehicle. The car has been in operation by ADAC, Europe’s biggest roadside assistance organization, since 2009 and is part of the Clean Energy Partnership an test program funded by the German ministry of transport. Other global businesses participating in the Berlin program include Bild/Axel Springer, AG, Coca-Cola, Enertag, Hilton, IKEAS, Linde, Pace and Total. The program is designed to test vehicles and the hydrogen refueling infrastructure.
Read the WebWire Article

Camp Pendleton Continues to Help Pave the Way for Hydrogen-powered Vehicles
June 17, 2011
The base partnered with General Motors, Ford and Quantum Technologies in a DoE funded program to test hydrogen-powered vehicles. Base Marines have logged over 30,000 miles on these test vehicles to date providing valuable data to the automakers as they prepare for the 2015 market debut of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The Marine Corp is also investigating other hydrogen fuel technologies, including hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and stationary power fuel cells to provide electricity for buildings.
Read the Camp Pendleton Patch article

Electric UAVs Jolt Performance
June 17, 2011
Military special operations forces interest in electric unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance continues to increase. The electric motors driven units are smaller and lighter which provides fuel savings and have lower thermal and noise signatures. At least one UAV manufacturers, Elbit Systems, is using fuel cells in to extend the useful range and operating time of electric UAVs.
Read the Aviation Week Article

Hydrogenics Successfully Completes Utility-Scale Grid Stabilization with Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator
June 16, 2011
Hydrogenics Corporation announces a successful trial of real world, smart-grid, energy storage using their HyStat™ Electrolyzer.
Read the benzinga article

Fuel Cells 2000 Publishes ‘State of the States 2011’
June 15, 2011
Read the FuelCell Today Article

Hawaii Helping Keep U.S. in Worldwide Fuel Cell Race
June 14, 2011
Hawaii is recognized as an “Up and Coming” state for fuel cell growth in the just released Fuel Cell 2000, State of the States: Fuel Cells in America report. Hawaii was recognized for its Hawaii Hydrogen Imitative to build hydrogen refueling infrastructure for transportation by 2015.
Read the Maui Now Article

ClearEdge awarded $2.8M DOE grant fuel cell deployment
June 14, 2011
Oregon based PEM fuel cell supplier wins $2.8M grant to install fuel cells in portfolio of different applications including a hotel, community college, and a multi-family housing unit.
Read the Sustainable Business Oregon Article

AlumiFuel Power, Inc. Announces Significant Advance in Its Portable Power Generation Capability
June 14, 2011
A Philadelphia developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generating equipment announces a new AlumiFuel cartridge, a self-contained hydrogen generator, for man-portable power systems.
Read the Marketwire Article

GreenGT LMPH2 Electric Racere to Run 2012 Le Mans
June 13, 2011
A hydrogen fuel cell powered racing car is set to join the 24 Hours of Le Mans race next year.
Read the Motor Authority Article and view the Olyexpress YouTube Video

First Fuel Cell to Power Residential Building in New York Installed in Roosevelt Island
May 31, 2011
The Octagon, a LEED Silver apartment complex, located on Roosevelt Island in New York, to be power with a UTC PureCell® Fuel Cell System.
Read the Environmental Protection Article

Zero-emission Fuel Cell Back-up Power Now Available for RVs
May 25, 2011
This article covers arrange of evolving hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, products, markets and manufactures. It includes information on Proton Onsite and the Toyota FCHV-advs that refuel at the Wallingford, CT based commercial hydrogen refueling station, as well as, information on fuel cells for RVs, fork-lifts, telecoms, hospitals and banks.
Read the Physorg Article

Ballard Receives DOE Award for Cost Reduction Activities on Key Fuel Cell Componentsy
May 24, 2011
Ballard’s Lowell, Massachusetts Material Products division receives an award for reducing PEM fuel cell fabrication costs from $36/kW to $16/kW.
Read the PR Newswire Article

Playing Chicken with Hydrogen Power
May 24, 2011
A look at the global market forces propelling the future of fuel cell vehicles and the hydrogen infrastructure to support it.
Read the Auto123 Article

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Are Down, but Perhaps Not Out
May 23, 2011
According to auto makers the continued the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is critical to meeting market demands for larger vehicles and longer driving ranges. Honda, Toyota and Daimler's recent breakthroughs in downsizing fuel-cell systems and costs make 2015 market roll outs possible.
Read the Wall Street Journal Article

First Macro-Scale Thin-Film Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell: Strong, Nanostructured Membrane Enables Scaling for Clean-Energy Applications
May 21, 2011
The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and SiEnergy Systems LLC have a breakthrough on macro-scale, thin-film solid oxide fuel cell membranes.
Read the Science Daily Article

Support Sought for Electric Car Usage
May 18, 2011
The Connecticut General Assembly is working on legislation to support the development and use of battery and fuel cell electric vehicles and vehicle refueling.
Read the Hartford Courant Article

Torrance Shell Station Adds Hydrogen Fuel Pump
May 11, 2011
On Tuesday, May 11, 2011, Southern California’s 6th hydrogen fueling station opened for business when a Torrance Shell station added a hydrogen fueling pump.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Read the Los Angeles Times Article

Market grows for distributed generation
May 16, 2011
Companies are gaining customers, saving money and reducing business risks by moving to distributed power generation with solar PV and fuel cell system.
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Technology: Energy Department Offers Deep Discounts On Its Patents
May 9, 2011
The Department of Energy’s America’s Next Top Energy Innovator challenge offers start-up businesses an opportunity to purchase up to 3 of its patents for $1,000.
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A Big Plug for Fuel Cell Tax Credit
April 26, 2011
Representatives Paul Tonko (D-NY) and Chris Gibson (R-NY) endorse changes to the Alternative Vehicle Tax Credit program. The proposed changes would make buying fuel cell vehicles such as forklifts, passenger cars and trucks easier.
Read the Times Union news article
Read the Tonko & Gibson bill H. R. 1659

Hydrogen’s Role in the Japanese Nuclear Accident
March 25, 2011
We all heard the news broadcasts and read the articles covering the explosions at the Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Reactors. We all heard the news broadcasters refer to these as hydrogen explosions. Where did the hydrogen come from and what More...


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